Controlling analogue heat mk2 with digitak?


Hi all,

Anyone had lick controlling analogue heat mk2 with digitak? I can’t quite figure it out (I’m new to this though - not electronic music, but to eleKtronic music.




I have the Analog Heat mk1 and can control it with the Digitakt via midi.
I used one midi track of the digi and set the heat to the same midi channel. I looked up the midi cc numbers in the heat manual. On one page of the midi track in the digi you can set the cc numbers of the encoders. Now i can for example make a 16 step sequence and record the filter of the heat with one encoder of the digi.
There are definitely a lot of possibilities.
I hope my criptic description helps a bit.


It does, thanks! I had to change the E.Heat to receive regular midi (not nrpn) and then it all came togeterh.

Thanks for responding!