Control several devices by midi from Digitone

Hello. I want to control 2 devices by midi from Digitone. These devices don’t have midi thru so I’m looking for a splitter…
I found two kind of solutions:
Some boxes like this:
And just very simple cable splitter like this:
So, will this simple cable solution work for me, or there is some specials things in that box which makes it possible to split midi?
Many thanks!

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I hope this will help you with answering your question.

but in general no - and yes. in that order.


thank you!

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midi solutions also makes “thru” which has 2 outs if you don’t need 4 from the quadra thru.

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Yep, I need just 2, not 4

Mindburner are great value devices. Very small company out of NI. I bought their tiny passive 4-out device a couple of years ago, no problems with it connecting Digitakt > Bass Station, Digitone, Kaoss Pad (1x free port)

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Well, I checked that topics and there is no info about Y splitters like in my example. Also I found video where Y splitter works well:

So… where is the truth :slight_smile:

It appears those can/may work, but they’re not implemented in a way which neatly follows the spirit of the midi connection philosophy - in your case you may be fine, i’ve read of those being used, but they are not a solution to all situations and that’s still a bit of spend out of a more future-proof solution - so maybe not a great investment, but also maybe a cheap fix.

tbh - i don’t know what else is happening in ‘proper’ passive splitters - but for a robust solution a powered Thru box should stand you in good stead

If it was me and i was investing in a bit of midi ‘plumbing’ i’d try to get something a bit more flexible that can do merging and maybe has a matrix - there are a tonne of topics on these kinds of devices - second hand 8x8 midi devices can be a bit extreme for a small studio setup, but they’re available cheaply and have a lot of functionality in terms of routing convenience and maybe filtering

if you can afford to waste the money on something a bit ‘unofficial’ then you could try, but be aware there is perhaps the potential to misuse

go for it - it’s your call though, but it may be worth planning ahead, it’s not something i would buy into even though i’m not too sure what functionality is omitted from a passive Thru solution, i only have active Thru’s and some matrix boxes and a proper merge device


splitter boxes that draw power from the midi connection offer opto-isolation on each port which separates them from each other so that they can sort and pass on note data/cc and clock data to more than one device - the guy in your video is only sending clock to one device and note data to another. I wouldn’t trust it for that either but if your intention is only to send clock data as a daisychain sync function you are welcome to try it, theoretically that daisychain sending of clock should work. You said you wanted to control 2 devices from DN so it sounded as though your goal was to sequence 2 pieces of gear, I think that’s not going to be possible with a passive y splitter. If you can buy it and return it, give it a shot otherwise consider that a quadra thru is available for $18.50 currently on reverb and ask yourself if it’s really worth buying the cable for $12 or whatever it costs. Incidentally this is a good deal, I paid $20 used for each of my my midi solutions thru boxes and $40 for my quadra thru and I thought those were both good deals.


Ok, I will try Y first, not because of price, but because I don’t have a spare place in my case :smiley:
Will report the result in few weeks I think, when the rest of my gear will come.
Thank you, guys for good meaningful answers!

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A simple MIDI splitter will do the trick (tested and working: spent 15€).
If u want to control more than one: MidiHub will do even more tricks (tested and working).
Hope this help.

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