Control Input Modulation Bugs

As I have experienced them, the issues are:

  1. On the AR2, a control input signal of zero will modulate the destinations, whereas proper behavior would be an input signal of zero would have no effect. (On 1.45, the meter read an input signal of 0 as -63, but 1.46B, the meter has been corrected, but the actual functionality hasn’t been.)
  2. On the AR2, modulation routings are not updated with kit swaps/ pattern changes. (This has never worked for me.)
  3. On both MKII’s, one must have switch the control input modes (under the global menu) away and back to re-engage modulations following a power cycle.
  4. On the AR2, one needs to also switch each mod destination away and back for them to re-engage following a power cycle or kit swap/ pattern switch.*

Preceding the support system overhaul, support had seemed rather cagey about whether or not they recognized this is an issue. After the support system overhaul, I believe the ticket was lost altogether. I’ve since re-opened two others to no avail. I’ve also asked a couple others here with nothing conclusive having been gleamed.

I upgraded to the AR2 this last November. That’s also when my correspondence with support began, as the control inputs were the sole reason for upgrading. I bought my A42 in April 2018, and have had no issues with this feature.

i can confirm 2 - 4, i use them with an expression pedal, so cant confirm 1. Only about the 4, it is needed to tweak anything for it to adapt to current values and destinations. I found it quickest to copy the entire modulation page, tweak a value and then paste it back.

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Many thanks. Just updated the OP. :slight_smile:

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I’ve been routing values from the A42’s CV track back into both MKII’s control inputs.
My settings have been:

CV CONFIG (A-D): (found under the global menu)

  • Type – Value Lin
  • Min – -5.00 V
  • Max – 5.00 V

Control Input 1 & 2: (found under the global menu)

  • CV mode
  • CV Zero Level – 0
  • CV Max Level – 5000

The A42 works swimmingly (save for #3), while the AR2 doesn’t.

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Alright. I’m gonna go ahead and post a video depicting the first two issues listed in the thread: