Control all digitakt.tricks


anybody else bummed that it doesn’t work over chains? i guess it’s because there are no kits,…but i just set up a new song with 2 8 bar bits and tried control all filtering and it jumps to whatever it was .


Yes, i’m totally bummed out by that. F–cks up my plans to use pattern chains live. So back to using 4bar patterns. :frowning:

Video effects control

Is there a way to control all the tracks except one track ? So you can mess around with everything while leaving lets say the kick the same. Thanks in advance!


Use a ‘sound’ on that track / step
I think it might stop it being effected

Or parameter lock every parameter on each step ( which is what sounds effectively do )

I think. It’s been a while since I delved into sounds.


Makes me remind of my latest video i made. In the"bridge" i did some CTRL-All stuff.
Sometimes some tracks are not doing the CTRL-All thing and stay how they are. I don’t know why, but sometimes it sounds cool :smiley:
BTW, some of you guys know why ?