Control all digitakt.tricks


what do you do with your control all?

I slide out sounds with attack up
add rev and del
filter release
sample slots

As a fill, or as a break cutdown…


One of my favorite tricks is negative envelope depth and control the decay of the filter envelope. Great as a breakdown.


an interesting idea could be to use control all to totally take delay off of every track then go into your delay and set it so it will loop forever, hop back to control all and add in just bits of delay cranked up all the way, now you can start building strange delay loop patterns in the background of your song. When you hit function no the delay should reset to normal and you can go back to they normal fooling and fiddling.


Love it…


Is anyone else blown away by Ctrl-all on the Digitakt? Most fun I’ve had with a piece of gear in ages.


What’s the key combo for control all? On mobile can’t find it


on the digitakt? it’s holding TRK , an audio track (1-8) must be selected


Track selected holding function on digitakt … and then what?



To select a track hold func+track button in any mode, or just the track button alone when not in write mode. To crtl all, hold track button and turn knobs A-H on any of the main pages.


Rtfm is not an answer people do on this board

As I said I am on mobile and tried dl the manual several times

Glad to see my cool homies answering my humble question without Rtfm


That works on my os 1.03?

I feel like not much is happening.

Theoretically kick snare and hihat each on a different track could be sent into overdrive and delay with

Fn + encoder a - h ?

Thanks ; )


TRK + A-H, not FUNC :slight_smile:



Mate the length of time that it took to type that response, just to throw shade, could’ve been used to do what everyone else has done-help him out.

RTFM isn’t really a great default answer as the machines have updated manuals all the time.



yes, my apologies for that




I like to make a simple beat, then totally flip it with control all to get something super freaky. Then instead of reloading the pattern to go back to normal, I start working backward towards how the beat was before. I usually end up with something in between which is far more interesting than the initial idea.


is there a way of resetting to previous values after u did ur trk + … thing ??


Funcion+no will of course take you back to your last save point, its one of the digitakts most usefull features, even more so with the use of patteren copy as an additional save point for anything that comes out along the way.


…yeah the DT wakes up all the Neat Machinedrum HiFi Sounds and it’s Crispy af.

the new encoders are a breeeeze. and the nudge function affects the sound like a tape player does.

got this typical digital elektron vibe…and the best workflow by using the chain as a multiplier and FX track emulation.

example. change pattern length to 8 steps, copy/paste 8 times, chain them together, play.
if you now tweak the FX parameter or anything else it will change per pattern which is a 8x8 grid 64 steps and this works quiet fast and without live record mode on.

the FX will overlap and gives this typical FX track vibe of the Rytm–just without trigs.
play with the delay time and you will know what I mean.