Control all digitakt.tricks

I’m on the latest firmware 1.11. Maybe I’m confused but I think my DT acts kind of weird. When I parameter lock some trigs, say hihats, to ex reverb to zero and then use “control all” to change the reverb for all other sounds/trigs, isn’t it supose to lock those “locked” reverb trigs and not change the reverb for those hihats trigs? My trigs do change, despite I lock then not to. They change during playback when I turn the encoder but goes back to dry reverb when I leave the encoder. Makes sence? The same with lets say tune, when turning the encoder hihats change pitch/tune but goes back to 0 when letting go of the encoder…

Yeap that’s normal. I would’ve preferred to have it really lock, but it doesnt. It changes when you move the encoder until you stop, then the locks snap back to their locked position. It’s just how things work. Not ideal, but on the other hand it can make for some cool temporary snappy tricks.


Thanks for the reply. Yeah, it makes for some cool effects but I would prefer a proper lock though.
Glad it’s not a bug then :wink:
Like your vids, great to learn from too.


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