Connecting the Digitakt via MIDI to Yamaha Reface CS


Hello, friends!

I’m want to run the audio Yamaha Reface CS through the Digitakt, and also sequence the Reface inside the Digitakt, via MIDI data. Since the Reface has total MIDI implementation, this should be relatively simple, but I don’t seem to find the right settings to do so. The audio outputs of the Reface are connected to the INPUT R and INPUT L of the Digitakt, and the MIDI IN and OUT of the Reface to the MIDI Out and In of the Digitakt. I’m pretty sure the problem is related to the current MIDI config in the Digitakt, which is the following:
SYNC: clock receive :heavy_check_mark:, clock send :heavy_check_mark:, prog ch receive :heavy_check_mark:, prog ch send :heavy_check_mark:
Turbo speed > off
Out Port Func > MIDI
Thru Port Func > MIDI
Input from > MIDI + USB
Output to > MIDI + USB
Output Ch > Auto Ch
Param Output > CC
Encoder Dest > INT
Trig Key Dst > INT
Mute Dest > INT
Receive Notes > :heavy_check_mark:
Receive CC/NRPN > :heavy_check_mark:
Track 1 Channel > 1
Track 2 Channel > 2
Track 3 Channel > 3
Track 4 Channel > 4
Track 5 Channel > 5
Track 6 Channel > 6
Track 7 Channel > 7
Track 8 Channel > 8
Track A Channel > 9
Track B Channel > 10
Track C Channel > 11
Track D Channel > 12
Track E Channel > 13
Track F Channel > 14
Track G Channel > 15
Track H Channel > 16
FX Control CH > Off
Auton Channel > 14
Prog Chg Out Ch > AUTO

The current config is that in order to be able to record the audio from each channel of the Digitakt in separate channels in Ableton. But it may be the wrong config to sync it with my synth. Could you help me with this?

Thank you all!


Connect the MIDI Out of the Digitake to the MIDI In of the Reface CS. Make sure you’re using the MIDI In part of the Reface’s MIDI breakout cable.

That should be OK.

Use one of the DT’s MIDI sequencer tracks A-H.
You need to set the MIDI receive channel on the Reface to match the number on the DT’s MIDI sequencer track.


Thanks Peter! I’m now able to set my track A in order to send MIDI data to channel 1, so I can sequence the Reface directly from the Digitakt. Only that the sequence I build in Track A for the Reface plays also for Track 1 (Kick), so I have to turn this sample off to avoid the overlapping (is this normal?).

I’m currently sending MIDI data from the Digitakt to the Reface. The audio of the Reface goes through the EQD Avalanche Run V2, and, from there, directly to the Komplete Audio 6 balanced inputs. The Digitakt is also connected to my laptop via USB, which allows me to use the Digitakt VST in Ableton and record each channel separately. I would like to process the audio of the Digitakt through the Avalanche Run, instead of just the synth. How do you think I could do this? Right now, I can imagine two ways:

  1. Setting, if possible, a multiple audio interface config in Ableton, so I can use the Digitakt as a 2 channel audio interface, run the audio of the Reface through it, from there to the Avalanche Run V2, and from there to the Komplete Audio 6. Sounds tricky.
  2. Within Ableton, sending the audio from the Digitakt to the Avalanche Run V2’s inputs through any the Komplete Audio 6 outputs, and from the pedal back into to the audio interface though any of the Komplete Audio 6 inputs. This seems like the easier way to do this, although it would surely bring some latency to the mix, that I would have to deal with after all.


Have you connected MIDI Out from Reface to MIDI In on Digitakt?


I haven’t. Only the MIDI In on the Reface goes to the MIDI Out on the Digitakt. Should I also connect the MIDI Out from Reface to MIDI In on Digitakt?


Not yet.

I’m guessing a bit here because I don’t have any of your gear, but try setting OUTPUT TO in the DT’s MIDI PORT CONFIG to “MIDI” instead of “MIDI+USB”.

I hope someone else can help you with your audio routing because I’m not familiar with such computer setups.