Connecting New Unit Upgrade Firmware?

Not having any luck in C6 nor Xfer.

Models not being recognized.

Plugged into USB.


Is there a trick to getting a new Model recognized in order to update firmware?

Thank you

Here is my issue.

I only can connect w C6 if I am not in config mode.

How do I connect to C6 after entering function/startup config mode?

I hit the 4 as directed for OS.

At this point, device not showing in C6 to send upgrade.

Only recognized NOT in config mode by C6.

I appreciate it.

I did not use C6. I just used the Transfer app (downloadable from support page). Try the following…

Connected Model Samples via USB (turn the device on)

Hit the settings button (just below the LED) and select Upgrade

Open the Transfer app

Select Model Samples in MIDI In and MIDI Out in the Transfer app

Drag and drop the firmware upgrade file to the Transfer app.

I hope that helps!

Here is the link to the Transfer app

Yeah had no issues with Dtak or Dtone
Shocked this hasn’t gone smooth

Appreciate it

No go.


I got it thank you for your help.

Way better than the usual “read the manual” snark on here.

Much obliged.

Hi all…

Just got the Model Samples and want to upgrade to 1.02. I have the same problem as above. In both the Transfer utility or c6 I can see Model Samples as a MIDI option if connected via USB with the unit simply turned on. If I do the Function/On move to get to the configuration list, option 4 being update OS, Model Samples no longer appears as a MIDI device option. I’m able to hit send and the progress bar moves very quickly but I see no indication on the Samples that any update has happened, and sure enough upon reboot it’s still ver 1.0. This concerns me re. the update but of course it also means I can’t load samples…:thinking:

Am I missing something? Window 7 by the way.

Thanks so much!


Just wanted to update my previous post re. the usb connectivity issue/upgrading the OS.

I corresponded with Patrik at Elektron and he pointed me in the right direction. I feel a bit foolish now but sometimes the most obvious thing can evade you. I had done everything right but never attempted doing a syx transfer using the settings menu from the button under the display on the Samples…doh! Of course. Now it worked perfectly. Don’t know how I missed that while reading a litany of posts on the subject, but thought I’d relate what I found in hopes it might help someone else. Thanks…

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