Connecting Minilogue with Digitakt to Ableton

Hey guys,

I’m currently using a Digitakt as my audio interface and a Minilogue as my main synth. I’ve connected all MIDI cables and audio cables between my Minilogue and Digitakt and the sound of the Minilogue is coming out fine on my speakers. I’m stumped on how to record my the midi data from the Minilogue onto Ableton with the Digitakt as the audio interface. I’ve done a bit of searching online on this topic but I haven’t found anything that helps. If anyone has any advice on how to get this working I am very much appreciated.


Both the Digitakt and Minilogue offer midi over USB so you just need to point to those Midi sources in Ableton on the Midi Instrument/Device in Ableton.

Have a look here as well:

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Thanks, when I’m hitting keys on the Minilogue the Midi track indicator is flashing on the top right of Ableton but no Midi information is coming through. My Midi Channel on Korg Minilogue is set to 14 and my auto channel in Digitakt is set to 14 if that helps.

That might be causing issues…auto channel made things kind of funny for me once. Change your midi channel on the Minilogue to something else…something that isn’t being used by the Digitone.

So I’ve tried changing the midi channel on my Minilogue to something different and still nothing works, I’ve always tried moving around the auto mode and turning it off completely.

I’ve tried setting all my MIDI channels on the same channel and still nothing is working. This includes the Digitakt MIDI Channel, Minilogue MIDI Channel and Ableton External Instrument MIDI Channel.

My Minilogue is connected to my Digitakt through MIDI by the way, I’m not using a USB on the Minilogue yet.