Conditional Trigs and MIDI Question


I am thinking of picking up one of these as an upgrade to my Circuit due to finding the 64 samples a bit limiting. I also used the Circuit to sequence another synth and hoping the Model:Samples can do this but with conditional trigs.

The manual states that the MS only sends note, length and velocity data via MIDI but do conditional trigs also apply to the MIDI output? I understand that it doesn’t send MIDI CC like the Digitakt can but not so sure about the conditions.


I couldn’t say for sure, but I’d be extremely surprised if it didn’t follow the logic applied to the internal sounds - so Imho it should only make a corresponding midi note when the condition is true on a step. I would assume the same for the chance parameter


Thanks for your reply. I managed to find a second hand Digitakt today for a few pounds more than the Model:Samples so I have decided to go in that direction instead.