Conditional Trig only in Pitch

Hi, I’m trying to create a note variation triggered randomly. Let’s say, I have C E G and I want E to sometimes be played D#

I was considering using a conditional trigger, but that would disable the trigger itself and only play sometimes right? Or am I getting the triggers wrong?

Is using the LFO the only way to achieve something like this or would (and how) conditional triggers work?


Yes this can be done. But not on the same trig.
Use microtiming and place the other trig one microstep away. Then use the conditional trigs to suit.
Remember the octatrack audio channels are monophonic, but with microtiming you can get them very close together.


Thanks, will try it

Using microtiming usually works pretty well, sometimes though depending on the sound and especially at higher tempi the microtiming might become audible.

It‘s also possible to use two tracks for this with trig conditions; For example, you have a 64 step pattern, step 1 plays a C and step 3 also plays a C.
Now you want the C note on step 3 to play a B instead on the second pattern cycle.
Place a 2:1 trig condition on step 3 and use another track with a 2:2 trig condition on step 3 that plays the B note.
The C on step 3 only plays once in two pattern cycles and when it‘s not triggered, the B note on the second track gets triggered.

Ofc this only works if there is the right trig condition for the job.


If it’s a MIDI track and the conditions are not that precise, you can use the arpegiator in random mode.

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