Concrete Ocean

**Sound Pack for Digitakt** The undulating dance of an ocean and the rigid, textured, slab of concrete may seem like opposites. But somehow Japanese producer [Lemna]( evokes both of these aspects in this Sound Pack for [Digitakt]( The pack consists of 222 samples ranging from playful toy pianos and chopsticks used as a percussion instrument, via ominous basses and stabs, to atmospheric drones evoking a sense of Neuromanceresque dread. Download the free demo pack and purchase at [](


No +drive space left for this dude!
Give us a transfer tool for getting our samples off DT, otherwise publishing new sample packs is senseless!


I agree. We do need a way to backup the Digitakt. Am a newby to Elektron but I’ve fallen in love with my Digitakt.


This is nice – i like the ambient sounds in particular – on the Demo of this the Atmos_xx and the Fx_xx sound nice and it looks like there are quite a few of these in the full pack. Watery Skyscrapers.


Awesome, thank you!