Computers getting in the way of creativity


No worries i’m not offended, i’ve tried to keep up with the thread and seen it go a bit off course, we need @mike in, he’s level headed and has always steered it back. :slight_smile:

Also porns ok but everytime i mention it i get flagged, so i promised i would not go there :grin:


The thing to take from this thread is i’ve learnt a lot from the input from various members who have lot’s of experience, i’ve filtered out the angry contributions, but overall i feel i’ve benifited from others wisdom, and that’s good, that’s what elektronauts brings :slight_smile:


Can i also add i did a cover of an early 90’s song i’m quite proud of
WARNING; It’s not what is normally played here!

Low tempo alert!


Woohoo! Now I can make some real music with a computer!


:heavy_minus_sign:Gear Opinions are not Mutually Exclusive :heavy_minus_sign:

Nobody is fundamentally right, everyone is each only right for themselves and there is no general answer. In light of this there’s no need to defend one’s opinion if someone else doesn’t have the same one…

If naut 1 says I don’t like using computers(or hardware) because of this this and this, that’s true for them…
There’s no need for naut 2 to then be like, but this this and this, trying to convince them otherwise…
It seems reasonable to ask for more insight onto why they feel this way, but not to try to argue that they are wrong… And certainly no reason to belittle their choice…

Why would someone feel like they need to convince someone who doesn’t like to use a computer that they are “wrong” and should use one?
On the other end why would someone feel they need to convince someone that doesn’t like hardware that they are “wrong”'and should use it…

Usually naut 2 in this case somehow feels that naut 1 in is telling them they are wrong, and then needs to defend their opinion to feel comfortable and show people that their opinion is reasonable… This can be avoided by simply understanding there is no right or wrong answer and just because the next reply is opposite of yours, it doesn’t subtract from yours in any way. Knowing this each naut can be more careful with their wording as not to trigger other nuats into defense reply mode…

In topics like this the need to convince others that your way is right and others are wrong is more of an emotional response, and it’s funny how often it happens in gear talk that might seem void of emotion, many gear heads get really emotional about what people say about their gear choices, and they probably don’t even realize it and would say that they don’t if asked…

For some people computers get in the way of their creativity, for some they don’t…
It seems reasonable to discuss and hear people’s opinions about how they do or if they don’t, but I don’t see where trying to put ones opinions as better and try to convince others of it has any benefit whatsoever…

It’d be like me trying to convince everybody that their favorite color should be purple because mine is, and then argue with them when they try to explain that they like blue better. And then keep on going back and forth telling them that they should like purple… :joy:

It’s possible to accept our differences and learn from each other’s various perspectives to have a broader understanding of how humans relate to the topic at hand, without feeling that one is deemed wrong because the next reply is opposite, and without need to try to get backing and homogenize the community into some sort of agreement…

I love our community, and I think we’re probably more wanting to be friendly than be on each other because of gear choices…
Have you e-hugged a fellow naut today? :cowboy_hat_face:


I wanted to e-hug you but then this… purple? You can’t be serious. Blue is by far the most beautiful colour


It’s all nonsense, anyway. There is only one true instrument/sound source.- by which I obviously me the tambourine.

Anything else is just musically irrelevant


Liam Gallagher is applauding right now





Googling Liam Gallagher??


Yep! And after finding out who he is- I feel like I have xtra street cred for not knowing prior


Probably true! I like Liam, he’s a funny man. His music is old hat, but he’s got personality, which is sadly lacking in most pop stars these days.


You are the best! :heart:️:heart:️


u yanks need ta leanr a ting or 2 abuut ruk n lol