Computer edition?


Hi elektronauts,

I’d like to know if we can use our computer for editing sequences (creating, altering already existing) and then send them back into digitakt, rytm2 and octatrack.

Obviously, I can trigger these directly from my computer, but I’d like to explore another workflow and :

  • create sequences on machines
  • alter them (not real time) with my computer
  • send them back and play (without the computer. I mean with machines standalone)

Any infos about that would be very appreciated.



there’s a few 3rd party apps which can do this


I guess you could create midi sequences in your DAW and then record the incoming data on to the elektron sequencer, but no way to edit the sequencer data directly from a computer.

I seem to remember back in the very early announcements of overbridge, that they said a “pattern editor” would be integrated, but they haven’t mentioned it again since, so I’m guessing it has been dropped. At least until they can sort out the sample transfer business.

Edit: oh yeah! @void Strom if you have an iPad


thanks for your answer.
I’d like to know how the dumped data of presets/pattern is coded. maybe that wouldn’t be hard to create a midi seq to elektron machines seq converter.
@void I’m interested.


it’s complicated; a midi sequence can contain a ton of info which wouldn’t fit into an Elektron step sequencer. The easiest way is to simply play a midi sequence into the machine and record it, that way the Elektron machine handles the job of what midi to keep and how to interpret it. Really, making a thing which would try and faithfully reproduce a given midi sequence as an Elektron pattern would be 100% waste of time.

The other way around, exporting a midi sequence based on an Elektron machine pattern, is easier. I’ve done it (but haven’t released it), but even this isn’t possible to do perfectly - trig conditions simply cannot be properly encoded in a midi sequence. You can loop a pattern a bunch of times & have conditional trigs do their thing differently on each loop iteration, but in the end you’ll end up with a static sequence. The result is always somehow not satisfactory, that’s why no release from me.

That said, editing sequences computationally is the bees knees, I do it a lot :+1::metal:
(but I don’t have it in a form in which I would release it)


The Elektron sequencers come with many control parameters, 100 at least … to get this into a software means, to get all those options covered and working perfectly stable. It would be a big efford to implement all of this. Who will do this? Who will use it?


if you know programming (patching with max, or most advanced), you know that keeping more than 100 values stable and working perfectly and in real-time is not … complicated.

Personally, I often use hybrid workflow.
Working only with computer or only with machines is not ok for me.
For instance, creating a basic sequence algorithmically, dump only note on position into a preset (I don’t currently know the terminology in elektron machines world) and use it on stage could be nice. Especially because of microtiming edition etc.

Could someone send me a file including a sequence/pattern/or so from a rytm2 or digitakt ? just for checking


I’ve got a hybrid setup that seems to be working for me just now, as follows:

midi controller > OT midi in
OT midi out > laptop midi in
laptop midi out > midi splitter > synths

So I can use the OT sequencer or the midi keyboard to sequence/trigger my synths, but I can also record the same midi into Ableton and edit it further before it hits the sound modules. This gives me a bit more flexibility when it comes to arranging, which I find a bit tedious to do on the OT alone. So it’s acting as a midi hub and idea generator more than anything.


sure it works.
I also add my ES8 Eurorack modules + some midi/CV and let’s bring the modular into midi & vice versa… but that’s not my point here.

Computer to elektron
Computer to modular
… work fine.

But I want, on stage, … to remove the computer of that equation.