Compressor/limiter for M:S (Digital VS Hardware)

The next topic that I want to touch on is the use of a compressor and limiter for post-processing M:S. I see 2 ways.

1. DAW&VST. Digital post-processing of the mix

I record my lives in Ableton 10. For digital post-processing of the mix on the master channel, I use “RoughRider 3” from the developer company “Audio Damage”. Next in the processing chain is the default limiter that is part of Ableton. The result pleases me.

Guitar stereo pedal / large rack instrument. Hardware audio post-processing

To begin with, it is worth saying that I was considering buying an “Electro Harmonix Platform Compressor/Limiter”. This is a mobile solution, the sound will be better without a computer at any time, the hair will become silky, and the skin will be velvety :slight_smile: It is also worth looking in the direction of rack sound processing.

The question is as follows. Is it even worth bothering with the purchase of an apartment compressor/limiter? What do you think about this?

I think if you just want sound, go digital with VST or stock plugins from your DAW. You can get professionnal results.

If you prefere tweak knobs for the same result, buy hardware rack which is 8 or 10 time more expensive than the VST version. (Or sometime much more for rare vintage devices)

And finally, if you prefere tweak knobs for fun, pedal is ok. But you won’t get the same results as with plugins.

Personnaly, I prefere hardware instruments and VST sound processor.

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Some good thoughts here on the hardware side:

Personally, I’d only go hardware for live purposes. In the studio, you’ll get a lot more control and options for the money with software solutions.

Also, the ehx platform pedal is okay, but most software compressors over $29 out perform it. Especially considering the digital noise the ehx platform has.


…hardware compression on post recorded files makes only sense for real in price ranges, u could buy at least another 7 more model:samples devices for…
so don’t bother…and better go for plugins…


I also believe that I do not need an additional pedal or rack equipment. I will continue to use Ableton.

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