Compressor hardware for M:S

Hi there,
I am using Model:Samples standalone. When recording into computer I am doing it directly in Audacity, and then I apply some compression / other effects to resulting sound file

I would like to know if some of you use or can advice about some piece of hardware to perform some compression, equalize, etc… to plug it between M:S output & computer / speakers input

My purpose would be getting a better sound when playing M:S, but I have no idea about what kind of hardware I would need (I am a very very beginner in this world :D)

I think this could apply for every other Elektron machines, but I am supposing M:S is the worst one about sound design capabilities, so I think this question would fit better in this concrete forum section

Thanks in advance

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or …
Analog Heat !!!


Thanks! Some other tool for a cheaper budget? :smiley:

The Really Nice Compressor is about as affordable as it gets. You could also look at the EHX Platform. There is a thread on the forum about them.


If you want to invest in cheaper tools -> check vst maybe ?

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Sure it is a great price :slight_smile:
The point is, as a M:S standalone user, I bought my machine for less than 300€, so I was expecting to find something kindly cheaper than 211€ (as I can see here

I will check! Thanks!

You may do some research before and for instance have info on how RNC input works:


Hardware compressors are not typically a cheap tool. Yes, the M:S is a less-expensive sampler than most so you may want to go the software route if $ is a concern. Almost every modern DAW has a built in compressor that you could utilize.

Hardware effects will almost always be more expensive than their software comparatives. While there are hardware compressors that can be found under €100 - I wouldn’t recommend them.

EDIT: A little search finds a RNC for $150 including shipping.


Check out the Alesis 3630 if u just want to play around with hardware compression.
It’s kind of shitty but in a cool way.
You can grap these on ebay for around 30-40 Bucks.
gets u some 90ies french house vibe and really fun for just messin’ around


What kind of difference in sound are you hoping to achieve?


I think I will continue as I am… Opened this post to check if there are some valid cheap stuff, but I see this world won’t be cheap :slight_smile:

I should stop watching that YouTube videos with people playing with several machines hehe

Thanks mate, that would fit the budget :smiley:

Hard to explain, as I am not a technician in this world. I suppose the same sound change as the one after applying some default Audacity compression… Maybe, more wide? More bright? Hard to explain :slight_smile:

Have you worked on using the engine of the M:S to change the sound of your samples on a per sample basis to get the punch or brightness or wideness you’re looking for? How long have you been working with it? Compressors are a real rabbit hole, and basically they’re for technicians… not to say an amateur can’t learn because all of these synths are technical equipment, but I personally have only scratched the surface of that whole hardware compressor world and there’s… a lot to learn about all the different types. Very intimidating for me… although I’ve used the Digitakt’s compressor a LOT and it’s easy to get really nice results out of it.

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It’s the same rabbit-hole we all fall into - buying more gear and making less music. While it’s certainly fun to have all of the physicality of hardware, it doesn’t always justify the means. And this is coming from someone with 6 hardware synths, 3 hardware fx units, enterprise Ableton Live 10 & a pretty expensive audio interface with very few tracks to show for it.

Very dangerous trap but damn if it isn’t fun. All aboard the GAS train. Lucky for us, our hobby doesn’t have ridiculous depreciation like other tech fields do, so you can usually purchase hardware with confidence that you can re-sell it for 80% or so of what you bought it for.

Good luck my friend


I use the SP404OG as a compressor for the M:S at gigs. MFX12 if i’m playing house and Vinyl sim compressor if i’m playing hip hop. Keep in mind i that i use the SP as a compressor only, so no switching effects or playing sounds from it. It wasn’t the plan but i just tried it during soundcheck. It sounded way better and tighter. Now it’s my regular set up. Not the most pro option but its efficient enough.


Give the Platform a shot
$100ish on Reverb.

Gives you some flexibility with the knee curve and Limiter buttons, and the drive section goes from ultra subtle to violent.
The LPF is a nice bonus.


Not quite a compresser but the strymon deco is very easy to use (my primary send effect on my mixer), compact, and sounds great for saturation.


909 through 3630