Compressor GR amount not shown?


In the manual it states that “THR (Threshold) sets the threshold of the compressor. A lower threshold means a larger portion of the signal will be subject to compression. There is a bar on the rightmost edge of the screen which will visually represent the amount of compression. (0–127)”

I don’t see this “bar” that is mentioned, is it not in the current OS?

Compressor gain meter missing on AR2?
Analog Rytm MK2 - Not the accuracy of the manual or where did the compression indication go?

Certainly there on MK1 fwiw !


I don’t suppose someone could take a pic of it? Just curious what it looks like.


Pg. 66 of the mkii manual has a screenshot of the compressor page. I don’t see anything on the right side of the screen, but the bottom left has an “FX LEV” indicator that I would guess to be what you are referring to.

Pg 61 of the mki manual shows the bar pretty well, although it doesn’t show it move (obviously)


There you Go.


Yeah, definitely not seeing that on my mkII unit. Shame, as obviously that would be VERY helpful.


Thank you very much!


there are no levels… :frowning:


Mk1 manual:

Mk2 manual:

They both say it should be there, but it’s not in the Mk2 pic… :thinking:


happy to give sth back. learned a lot OT from yours :wink:


Good point! Hopefully a future update


It a bug in the manual, like all of you are saying. That bar is only visible in the MKI graphics. Thanks for the heads up. I will update the MKII manual.

Compressor gain meter missing on AR2?

Wait, you’re supposed to leave the manual like it is and update the software to bring back this useful function!



Indeed, we are not interested in downgrades for the MkII.
The bar is useful functionality not to be missed!


did anyone see if this is something that might come back in a future update? or no info? (wishful thinking)


I know this is just a small thing, and I’ve been using the compressor by ear up to now, but I just re-read the manual for my AR2 and realised that it talks about a gain meter for the compressor. I definitely have no meter at all on any of the screens - where should I be looking?


@eangman has forgotten to update as promised by the look of things :wink:

current manual

There is a bar on the rightmost edge of the screen which will visually
represent the amount of compression. (0–127)


Oops… yes, that totally slipped my mind. Sorry about that. I have now updated the manual and uploaded it to the site.

Mod Edit : Link for convenience :thup:



Where is this mysterious indication of compression)))


Try current manual; - it was never possible on this display - older manual text was copied from old ones in error

Current manual shows