Compact HW sampler to pair with OT *Update


Thanks all looking for a unit that actually samples(records) not just load samples.
The emu’s are great I had a fully blown out ultra w/ rfx-32, that is the one I should have never let go.
I will take another look at the Deluge.
Blackbox would be great but no keymapping (at least not for now) Electribe 2 S has a funky roundabout way of doing it …
EMU’s can be upgraded with card readers … its a thought but not compact.
If the Toraiz SP16 could do it I would repurchase ASAP.
Please I am open to any other suggestions
Thanks !


Caustic 3 is pretty fuggun fancy and the sampling engines are nice, and fully capable. The sampler is mappable with arranging 22 samples possibly per sampler unit. The drum machine also samples. Sampling us possible from multiple sources. The platform works android/ios/pc. The thing also has full midi support too


I second the MPC 500.
I got mine for $350, mint condition, fat red pads, extended memory.
They’re pretty cheap. Small. Worth looking into.


I have been following them. Kickstarter deliveries not started yet and it does not record ( at least no physical inputs tha I can see)


Maybe not … will revisit gain


Too expensive but a sexy little beast

I think JJOS can do it (maybe a MPC1000)


JJOS can do what?

I have a 1000 & 2500, both with different versions of JJOS… can check something out if you want (like see if it has a feature you’re looking for).

The 1000 is of course higher in price & size than the 500, paid $600 for my 1000 but mint condition as well.


keymapping layout that can be triggered to play from external keyboard


I’m reading that the MPC 500 can key map as well… might be worth looking into in case it’s possible.

It’s pretty crazy what JJOS adds to the 1000 & 2500 tho. I consider the 1000 & 2500 the best value when buying an MPC due to how much JJOS adds - Here’s the JJOS chart -