Compact HW sampler to pair with OT *Update


Hi All,
Looking for a hardware sampler ( not sample player) w/ form factor of 1010music Blackbox

  • multisample/keymap samples to specific notes on the keyboard like Kontakt or hardware samplers like AKAI S-series, Z-series, EM-U, etc.

  • I am looking for the ability to arrange samples to specific keys regardless of the original sliced audio files order

*Slices can be assigned to keys in BlackBox but in reading the manual it seems that its an automatic process that starts from C2 and moves up the keyboard.

Currently considering:

  • Yamaha RS7000 ( on the bigger side but can be placed on a cremma cafe double tier stand with OT

  • Akai Z8 (detachable face plate/remote)

  • MPC 1000 w/ JJOS

  • Deluge (???) still on the fence with this one



iPad would do the trick, Doesn’t get much more portable than that


Yup !
I have BeatMaker3 and a ton of apps that I never use, also looking to avoid having multiple devices to make that setup work (been there already)


Blackbox sounds like a good deal then. I think the Akai Force does pretty good keymapping?


Black box doesn’t keymap (f I’m wrong someone please correct)
Looking for a small form factor the force is a huge monster.


Oh crap, thought it did, sorry! Force ain’t exactly compact either, so my advice is pretty much worthless. I’ll see myself out :tired_face:


No, you’re good and your input appreciated thanks!


Gotharman’s Tiny LD


Deluge? Too big, maybe?


Very compact :

I have an Mpc 500


Nice little device that Beatsqueezer… they don’t seem to have a online store, do you happen to know where we might get one?


I don’t know.



You could easily diy one using this


They seem to do business via a facebook group.


Wow, I didn’t even know all these goodies existed… Oh well, never mind, I just emptied my wallet on a Subsequent32 so that’ll have to wait a bit


Emu 6400 ultra with it’s synth-like architecture still trumps all of those boxes.
Has a brilliant sound to it too.
Only con is it’s size.
But you won’t get better sampler for the money.
IMO :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, cut my teeth on emu samplers but drop one on your foot & say goodbye to a career as a ballerina :smile:


hehe, It’s not “that” heavy. It’s just like 90s pc computer.
Not many samplers come close to this beast.
Love mine…:heart_eyes:


They are great samplers, just can’t imagine going back to any rack gear.