Compact Flash - Latest and Greatest

Lexar Professional 64 GB works fine for me. In my cameras I’ve been using Transcend cards for years without issues.

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AFAIK OT isn’t able to exploit higher speeds than 266x, but a faster card won’t hurt.

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I’m using a PixelFlash 64GB card in my OT, and it works great. The price has gone up significantly since I bought it last year, however:

I’ve got a Sandisk 32GB Extreme card arriving today for my MPC. I’ll report back if there’s anything of note with it, but the Sandisk cards always seem like a reliable choice.

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I got a Lexar Professional 1066x. It works fine so far but does not seem any faster than the Kingston that came with the OT. I have not had these long enough to comment on durability though.

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Ya I just use google to search the forum! I just search whatever it is I want and just put Elektronauts in there. Works better than the built in search 99% of the time.

Don’t bother. Just do a regular search.

Thanks for all the replies, I think I’ve worn mine out from overwork…

Would have thought that Eektron would have a list somewhere.

If cycle life (filling/formatting) is killing your cards you may consider These guys. These are what the Photographers I work for use they ain’t cheap and might be overkill for you but who knows?

And what about the SanDisk Extreme Pro 128 Go ? OT can handle ?

…i slways go for not bigger than 32 gigs…

and always with a prefixed folder structure not deeper than four folderlevels within folders…

No. OT uses CompactFlash cards up to 64GB.


I got a brand new SanDisk Extreme 16 GB, 160 mb/s CF-card today (since my old 50 mb/s was too slow for long static loops). When plugged in the OT totally freezes immediately!
I can read/write on OS X without any problem. Any wisdom on this?

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Is the stock card painfully slow?

Not at all, it’s only slower when transferring files from the computer in my testing.

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I have a 32GB 266X Kingston card, which works OK when using the Octa directly, but accessing from Mac or PC, locks up the system during transfers. It also works OK in a card reader.

Card which came with the Octa is fine. :confused:

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I recently purchased a new SanDisk Extreme 64GB (120 MB/s, UDMA 7) and it works like a charm.


I am curious as to what size flash cards your adding to the OT, are you buying small size cards or adding large size and just having 1 card with everything on?

Just got my octatrack last week.

I’m on the Kingston 16gb that shipped with OT. It’s fine so far but I could happily fill a 32gb+ card with more stuff from my sample collection on my laptop. I found myself having to weigh things up and leave a lot of stuff out when I did my initial sample import to cf card/audio pool …
So I guess I’d say just buy the biggest/fastest you can afford and fill the audio pool with as much as you can. Obviously if you don’t have a lot of samples laying around already that you want to import to OT then 16gb is huge and gonna be enough for a pretty long time.
Before I got my OT couple of weeks ago I thought 16gb would be enough, and it is really, especially compared to my other samplers, but I did find myself wishing I had more space when bringing samples across from laptop, and also had to guess at how much to leave free for resampling etc. I decided 2gb will be enough for resampling for now. But I’ll def be buying a bugger card at some point. Though I can’t really see myself ever using more than one like you mention. Except possibly for backup etc.

The day it arrived I started transferring wavs from maschine packs but then quickly ran out of card space. I have a 64gb arrived now but havnt used it yet, I think itll need the wavs put into certain folders and separated out but spending time reading at the moment. I guess when i work out with the device more will add larger libraries. thx for replying so quick

Finally, after getting back into composing with my elektrons and ranting daily on this forum, I have issues (compact flash issues):

Static samples are being cutoff after a few minutes, my OT freezes up and I have bugs :ant: in my saved parts and project when I reboot…

…after backing up, reformatting, sleep deprivation and consuming too much sugar and caffeine, it’s time to give up on my CF card (Sandisk ultra 8GB)
I re-read all compact flash card topics on the old sacred forum and also dove in the world of wedding photography compact flash card complainers.
My thoughts are the card doesn’t have a long lifespam if you take it on the road. My OT has traces of rust on the front panel from the sweat, blood, piss and tears of touring with it. So I should count my blessings the card was still able to be backupped!

So I read the new forum for a suggested replacement card, the latest and greatest…

The information on why to choose a certain card is lost in biased or incomplete posts about people’s purchased CF cards. Most is only concerned with getting the largest and fastest possible, I don’t really care or need either of those features.
All my samples of 19 years sampling to zipdisks, floppies and 20mb atari drives fits on a 4gb cf card and I have all day to load 'm on to a card.
All I really want is reliability and stress free work on the OT!

Now where to go… I found a kingston 233x 16gb (same type/series that came with my OT when I bought it) and a sandisk extreme 16gb.

Buying smaller is a waste of money as 16gb cards today have great $/mb value. Anyhoe, before the caffeinesugarrush wears off, I’d like to ask if anyone can object to using either of these cards? Any reason I would be getting trouble playing back my static samples in the near future? Any reason my wedding photos will be forever lost in binary limbo?

Thank you!