Compact Flash - Latest and Greatest

Looking into getting some new cards for my Octatrack, mine have had a, shall we say unfortuante life, and submitted to lots of abuse.

So what is the biggest / best card to get?

Whats the best recommended?

I searched, but this forum is shit. So, yeah.

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SanDisk extreme as recommended by Cenk

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I used a SanDisk extreme and it always worked perfectly.

64 GB?

Nah I only had 32.

Sandisk extreme is probably the most durable choice. (Temperature, humidity, impact)

I’ve used kingston 64gb and transcend 32gb without major problems.

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the 32-gig transcend 400x was the recommended card a couple years back. that’s what i’ve used from the start without any problems.

fwiw, the search engine on the old forum still works, i find it more useful than this one’s.

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Random (Elektron) google searches always brings me to Elektronauts.

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I’ve been using a Lexar Professional 800x 64gb UDMA 7. Works like a charm.


it seems there’s a wide choice of SanDisk cards @ 160MB/s (1067x) at a very good price

Is such a big speed a real pros, or are there any cons (fragility, etc.)?

Lexar Professional 64 GB works fine for me. In my cameras I’ve been using Transcend cards for years without issues.

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AFAIK OT isn’t able to exploit higher speeds than 266x, but a faster card won’t hurt.

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I’m using a PixelFlash 64GB card in my OT, and it works great. The price has gone up significantly since I bought it last year, however:

I’ve got a Sandisk 32GB Extreme card arriving today for my MPC. I’ll report back if there’s anything of note with it, but the Sandisk cards always seem like a reliable choice.

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I got a Lexar Professional 1066x. It works fine so far but does not seem any faster than the Kingston that came with the OT. I have not had these long enough to comment on durability though.

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Ya I just use google to search the forum! I just search whatever it is I want and just put Elektronauts in there. Works better than the built in search 99% of the time.

Don’t bother. Just do a regular search.

Thanks for all the replies, I think I’ve worn mine out from overwork…

Would have thought that Eektron would have a list somewhere.

If cycle life (filling/formatting) is killing your cards you may consider These guys. These are what the Photographers I work for use they ain’t cheap and might be overkill for you but who knows?

And what about the SanDisk Extreme Pro 128 Go ? OT can handle ?

…i slways go for not bigger than 32 gigs…

and always with a prefixed folder structure not deeper than four folderlevels within folders…