Comments on the Digitakt's manual


Elektron produced a new version of the Digitakt’s English manual to go with OS 1.04, and this manual now thankfully includes (on page 9) both the applicable OS version number and date of revision.


There’s still a typo on p66:


lenghthg is one of those words I always do a typo on :slight_smile:


Me too apparently…


Setting up a controller tonight, noticed filter freq and filter env have the same midi cc value (74)



Doh… I used the link further up this thread, looks like it linked to an old version


It would be nice to know what pages have been changed so I don’t have print out the entire manual every time it get updated.


you’re always on top of clarifying people’s impressions/confusion, much appreciated!


The os version is mentioned on page 9 now next to the date when the manual was made. I remember that the pdf file had the version number in it when i made it. Not sure of it made it like that to the site. Cant check now. On vacation :slight_smile:


The main changes are made to reflect the changes in the os. But i also do a fair amount of small fixes here and there. I recommed to use the document comparision function in Adobe reader to spot the changes.


Nice to see somebody from Elektron reacting to all the improvement suggestions :slight_smile:

Any chance to tell what software you use for creating the manual?


The older manuals are made in Framemaker, but now we are slowly migrating to InDesign for the more recent ones.


Thanks for the tip @eangman! thumbs up!


It might be nice to add tempo charts in the manual for delay and lfo. I had a hard time without these cheatsheets.


There is already a table with the delay times in the manual. Hmm yes maybe there should be one for the LFO too. Thanks for the input.


I couldn’t find it in mine, but I was using the July version, didn’t realise it has been updated in November. I somehow assumed the manual would only be updated when a new firmware is released. Just downloaded the latest pdf and it’s in there indeed :sunglasses:


Didn’t noticed the list in the manual. Google search for “digitakt manual” leads to the manual from 2017/06. On the website I can find a verion fomr 2017/09.

Not included are the numbers for the triplet settings.


Does the latest manual cover the 1.07 update? I have been in “babyland” since my son was born in Feb.


Yes it does.