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“Elektron. Putting the band in elastic band.”


Maybe Elektron became very ecologist. They recycle recycled products.

Digitakt was already Analog Rytm recycling, with added recording possibility. It wasn’t a surprise to find that possibility in AR MKII.
Midi part is a mix of OT/MD/MnM.
Easier to use, cheaper ok, but recycled.

Model:Sample is a recycled DT.


Fortunately they released the Digitone, with innovative things. Still some hope. :content:
Elektron, sell a lot of MS, take long holydays, have fun, and surprise us again! :thup:


He had to know he was gonna get attacked from all directions😂 Priceless…


“Elastic Loops” is a great band name! Find your OT, let’s make a song tomorrow! :smile:


While I’m not personally a fan of the thing, you are right that in the right hands anything can be great.

Whenever I think of that, I’m reminded of what this guy was able to do with a Yamaha SU10 and a Monotron delay.

Or this guy on the Alesis HR-16