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…he’s kinda gone quiet. :roll_eyes:


I doubt they knew anything, throw a randon cold read statement out and hope it connects to something, if it does bask in the glory of being someone special/in the know.


Looked that way


Sad to see what Elektron have become. A company that seemingly cynically calculates the precise minimum features for a certain price point, whereas it used to try and provide an embarrassment of riches.

And let’s be frank, they could market an elastic band around a cardboard box, and there would still be hordes of people praising its “focussed and pared down approach” that “forces creativity”. Sometimes Elektron users strike me as a cult in that regard.

And yes, it would be possible to make great music on just that elastic band. But that doesn’t mean it’s fine to sell it for top dollar, especially when the competition are putting out endlessly deep products that are designed to mesh with as many workstreams as possible. The most damning thing is that the likes of Teenage Engineering now make Elektron seem miserly. And that’s a real shame.

[ Definitive list ] Analog Four/Keys Sound Bank & more
Introducing Model:Samples

I think it will make a good partner to Digitakt–6 extra voices - I do wish it had proper midi din sockets . Midi adapters are sort of messy.Otherwise perfect -Model:Samples has the critical for me inf release setting like DT.


Really though? What endlessly deep box can you get for $400?


80 GBP more gets an OP-Z.


Not really comparable boxes though imo


Nope. Nice exaggerated approach to slamming a company that isn’t perfect though. Still they make some cool shit or no one would be here. Some people prefer a limited set to work with and just because another person doesn’t see value in it doesn’t make it illegitimate.


I have every Elektron box except for the Monomachine and I couldn’t be more excited for the m:s. I think it looks awesome and really fun. More fun than the other stuff (and I love those machines). I like the direction they’re going.


I think I’d definitely have got the new machine if it had battery built in as a portable alternative to my digitakt. I’ll see how big the battery add on is and price.


I know…it was obvious dude knew nothing.


Deepens how you define fun


Strong feelings.


What’s the audio rate of the plastic band? What’s the footprint of the cardboard box?

Have any pictures leaked?!

When does it go on pre-order?!


Please stop “back seat company running”. :+1:


The funny thing is, the first thing I thought was “wow, getting an elastic band around a cardboard box is not easy, I’m impressed”…


Must be an OT descendant…

-From the official press release of Octatrack MKI: “Loops are now completely elastic”


“OT users will love it!”


Haha made me almost spit out my coffee