Color? We don't need no stinkin' color!

My replacement caps came in today from Elektron. Wish I could get a black FUNC cap and black and white screen!


Wow this looks bad ass… you can order black buttons from elektron? Looking into this…

For me personally I think I’d still like the contrasting button for func, but maybe when I get better muscle memory built up a black one will be cool


What are you gonna do with all those silly blue words?


The FUNC and Track buttons are from the OT. The step buttons are from the Digitone Keys. They forgot to ship another grey one for the DT, so I’m waiting on that.


I’m ok with the blue. I may even try and change the pattern and arp LEDs with blue.

Beeeeutiful! :heart_eyes:

I don’t see the replacement keys listed on the Elektron site. Do you just email them?

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…u can just adress what u want via mail, if they got it…
aslong u pick what’s in range of existing options…of course…

so yes…u can whish for buttons that are already in use on other machines anyways…
like, gimme those buttons from the keys version instead of the white ones of the desktop version…same with any available functionkey colours or trackbuttons from newer ot’s…

so u can even order an ot display to replace the original yellow one…
one of the many advantages of made in sweden… :wink:
but if it’s not a repair request within ur warranty and “only” for cosmetic/optic reasons u gotta pay for it, of course…

in this case here, i see a good point in changing the candy colours of the track buttons, while the grey function key…hmmm…not so much…now this tone really asks also for the oled of an ot…i’d say…

gosh…first world problems again…

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I did the screen but I like the toddler colored buttons.


I fiddled around with replacing the Track buttons with the ones from my OT and I must admit that it looked pretty nice on the DN. I realized that I do like the colored Track buttons. A little garish, maybe… but that’s okay with me.

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@Airyck where’d you get the screen? How hard was it to do?

It’s hard to say not knowing your skill level and tools you have. I wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t have rework experience. Also a proper solder removal tool for through hole (not an SMD re-work hot air station). I used a Hakko FR-301.

Here’s the yellow OLED PCB I pulled from the Digitone or Digitakt (I did both).

Part number should be similar if you can find a white one. White was hard to find and I ended up swapping the flex PCB yellow and white OLEDs between circuit boards in addition to just replacing the display.

I posted the info somewhere else on the forum. I’ll try to find it and post it here.


How was the install? Any special skills or tools needed?

Hex and star bits for the screws and a little plastic pry tool is all you need! Took me all of 20 minutes tops.

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Resurrecting the thread to unveil my own murdered out/stealth Digitone! Thanks for the inspiration @slicetwo!


Black buttons on their way. Do you need to remove the faceplate to re move the buttons, or just a plastic pryer is enough?

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I’ve used a guitar pick. No need to remove the faceplate


Black buttons work so much better functionally.

I love the look of the coloured ones when un-lit, but with various coloured lights behind they’re unintuitive.

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Was kind of hoping new batches since Syntakt release would of had the white screen

I like the gold screen, plus I’ve never had an issue with burn in on them. That could be due to some different factor rather than the color, however.

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I used the thin end of a plastic coffee spoon. Anything thin and ideally plastic will do nicely, just be careful. All mine came off without incident.

Alternatively if you have a mechanical keyboard which came with a key removal tool, that will do the job even better.