Collider for the iPad


illegibly there may be a mini 5 gonna be announced around the end of March. A10 processor etc.


Don’t know about that. I haven’t tried. Currently don’t use OB :neutral_face:


Just to say great job with Collider - Really opens up the RYTM!

My one request would be to increase the size of the page buttons at the top - not easy to hit in a hurry.

And a question: Does your Digitone app have similar functionality when it comes to randomised sound generation?

Thanks again for a very nice app :slight_smile:


Yep, the Digitone app is similar to the sound design part of Collider :grimacing:

There is no pattern generation for that app though, as the pattern sysex for the DN hasn’t been reversed yet.

I’ll increase the size of the top page buttons this week.


Great :+1:


getting the hang of this but really could use in depth docs please. I like to get the most out of apps.


finally got an iPad. First thing I done was get collider. gonna fire it up asap :sunglasses::ok_hand:t3:


A hefty update is coming at the end of the week that deals with various bug fixes, UI issues / enhancements, and user requests :nerd_face:


fantastic fun last night in three way noise session.
liberating app!
if i have one request it would be for horizontal step selection and processing.


What do you mean by horizontal step selection and processing? You want to select multiple trigs to process at once?


time selection, so for example retriggs or p-lock creation/mutation could be confined to a portion of the page. and the inverse area outside of the selection would be protected from any alterations.

ström has this feature, found it very useful


Yeah I understand. It’s a good idea & I’ll add it to the list. Almost done with the next update.


thank you! I’m digging in and noticed when page is locked delay time can still be randomised. same for amp decay when randomising kit. also seeing this occur when pad is locked (takes a few presses).


Yeah you’re right, will fix.


Update Out:

• Fixed a crash that could occur when changing FX Parameters on the Rytm
• MFX Track Level is now properly saved
• Added “Unlock” button to the Dials View
• Added “Fine” toggle to the Dials View
• Increased sensitivity of Dials
• You can now specify which Tracks the XY-Pads control
• Added “Resend” button to the Mixer’s XY-Pads
• MIDI Channels will now be recalled on app launch
• Various bug fixes & UI enhancements


Much nicer to use - thanks!


I have found out what I already suspected, when using a usb to din midi interface (in my case roland um-one) it is possible to use Collider app with Overbridge together / at once. :slight_smile:


also have to say: even after manny sessions i am still struggling to understand the majority of functions from this beautiful app. I would love to get deeper into the Pattern Generation part (for example)for quite some time now, but even after studying the Tips section many times, this is still all very, very mysterious to me. Many functions seem undocumented and its either not clear what they do, and/or they turn the current running pattern in (unwanted) cacophony ;). I try to find it out myself all the time but to me it’s a frustrating process, with not much progress.
(who would think i work as a professional in audio for 17 years now;)

Some more thorough video’s or explanation could help me, and I guess many with me.

For the rest , this is such a super app that every Rytm owner should have, even the more conservative techno;) ones :wink:


This. Love the app but an in depth tutorial would be very welcome indeed.


agree. It’s frustrating