Collider for the iPad


I’m free!

Update Out:

  • Added “Page” button on the Dials View, so you can lock an entire Page
  • Added “Keep Start” function under “Retrig & Tools” in the Pattern View

There will be another update this week with more sound design functions and some tweaks to the Tonal Kit


Great, thanks man.

You’ve probably been asked this before, but have you any plans for an Analog Four app?

I think you do one for the Prophet 12 right? So maybe… :smiley:


I can’t justify buying an A4 to make an app

If elektron wants to send me one I will :stuck_out_tongue:


:slight_smile: @Olle - please please please.


I’ll check if something can be arranged.


Please forgive my ignorance and reluctance to scan the full 680 posts in this thread. How does the app and iPad connect to the Rytm?


You can either use a Camera Kit and connect directly to the RYTM via it’s USB port, or connect the iPad via WIFI to your PC (which is connected to the RYTM).

At the end of the day, the app gives you a list of input / output MIDI ports it detected, and you select which to use.


Update Out:

  • Added sound design functions “Pan LFO”, “SYN LFO”, & “Retune”
  • Refined Tonal Kit & Kit Randomization
  • Added “Commit” to the Performance Slider in the Song Performer Mode. This will apply the current Performance amount to the actual Parameter values
  • Saved Files are now sorted alphabetically


You can also make a fully hard-wired connection via a DAW. It’s a bit more complicated, but I can provide some tips for anyone that needs to do it this way. Patterns and kits also transfer much faster, with fewer hiccups, using the DAW method.


Welp, here is the temp loading screen of what I started coding this morning :grimacing:

The first version of the app will be similar to my Digitone app. At the same time, I am going through void’s old library for the A4 Sysex. If I can get that working (not sure if it works with latest OS), then I can incorporate more advanced features, like in Collider.


I’m getting excited already - I hope the team sort you out, as you are the definitely a major contributer in terms of enhancing Rytm user’s experience, and will no doubt provide the same stellar enhancement to the A4 user experience :+1:t3::innocent:


yea collider is ace. thank you for making that


Update Out:

  • Added “Vol LFO” to the Sound Design functions
  • Added individual Performance Sliders to the Song Performer Mode


Sorry for the questionnaires, does it work for rytm mk2?


Yes. I had a mk1 and now a mk2 - I believe collider works perfectly for both versions, as I’ve never had any trouble with it. I’d say it’s slightly faster with the mk2 machine :slight_smile:




Im gonna get a ipad for both Opz n Collider. Im thinkin the ipad mini2 would be perfect for opz.

Would the mini 2 be a bit too small a screen to use collider efficiently do you think?

[edit: just seen you mentioned about 100 posts ago that support for the mini has been discontinued. Would you heavily advise against it so?]


I have Collider on an iPad mini 4 but running iOS10.3 and size wise it’s fine, never had a problem with manipulating the parameters or toggling and selecting buttons/pages.

My brother has it on a mini 2 but again on ios10.3. We both HATE 11😥


I used to own a mini, but have since upgraded. The mini was fine, but definitely slower than a normal iPad. There are a lot of UI elements that need to be rendered.


Thanks guys, I appreciate the replies.