Collider for the iPad


Ah yeah that makes total sense. It does seem like the pages with the most elements are slower than others. Ok thanks for the suggestion.


Cool cool, thanks for the hospitality!
Yeah I’ve been lurking a little bit for the last year or so and seems like a good place to start for community interaction.

Having used 3D rendering software forums for many years in the past I’m pretty flexible with whatever pops up on my screen but really awesome that you put energy into perpetuation a nice friendly environment.


Upcoming Pattern Slots Mode, similar to the one for Kits:


Any chance to get the app on the Spanish store?


It should be available in all store regions…unless you mean spanish translation?


No, the program itself.

I look at the store by the name, by your name, and nothing found


ooops!!! i don’t say nothing… now i found it!! sorry :grinning:


New update submitted today, so it should be available by tomorrow morning I hope.


The app (developer) that just won’t stop giving! :+1:t3::pray:t3:


Update out:

  • Improved All Kits
  • New Sound Design functions “Dark” and “Ping”
  • New KIT SLOTS option “Pinging Filters”
  • New PTN SLOTS mode
  • New function on the Pattern Page, under “Retrig & Tools”, called Triplet Feel
  • New function on the Pattern Page, under “Retrig & Tools”, called Unchoke
  • New function on the Pattern Page, under “Retrig & Tools”, called Add Silence
  • New Pattern Genre “Electronic”
  • New Pattern Algorithm “Chaos”
  • Refined Pattern Algorithms
  • UI Updates

The automation of pattern sends to all pattern slots takes time (~4 seconds per pattern)…if you send it any faster than that the Rytm starts dropping patterns, and can even lock up. This is meant to do while you grab a drink :slight_smile:


Just got the latest collider and ios updates and seems a bit snappier :slight_smile:
Time to dig in :nerd_face:



Quick update / fix:

  • New Sound Design function “Reverse”
  • Tighten function would result in too low of Amp Volume in some cases
  • Fixed some spelling issues


Just purchased. Damm this is good. I have an old rytm: few knobs dont work. I dont like the screen, But with this app the rytm sines again, and like never before. Thanks for making this


Thanks! The Tips button in the upper right will bring down a guide for each mode you are in. It has explanations of most functions.


Thanks the tips are indeed helpfull. However the app is well understandable by just playing.

Only one request however dont know if it is much work to have midi learn functionality. I have my faderfox mx12 connected and it would be cool to customize some parameters, randomness/ fx etc to a the midi controller. Ipad still suchs at turning knobs :wink:

Anyhow i am having fun!


Is this app available for iPhone? or only iPad?


Only iPad.




Update Out:

  • FIXED: certain combinations of Retrig / TRC / Micro values on a step would be decoded improperly when receiving a pattern
  • Optimizations & Bug Fixes


@mekohler, Thank you so much for this excellent tool! I appreciate the powerful, quick interface, especially for the price! You rock!