Collider for the iPad


I got the email, but the link it takes me to is for the July 6 release of 1.45.
Did you find the 1.45A download somewhere?


The 1.45A OS file was quickly taken down by Elektron because some users reported problems after installing it.


I don’t know the specs for sample encoding / upload…too much work to reverse engineer.

If elektron or void gave me the sysex / encoding function then I would start implementing Audio features, but I don’t expect that to happen.


Loving the new updates. If you have a RYTM then Collider is a must have.


Price goes up Monday if you haven’t bought it already :open_mouth:

Any other sound design / kit design suggestions?


you have many buttons with mutliple options if you slide left / right.

could you add a small dot to highlight the current option , and additional darker dots to indicate the other options available and their position (if theyre left/right etc).

a bit like when when posting multiple images on instagram , it’ll display a small row of dots .
cant remember what the technical ui term is.

and potentially make the ‘on’ versions of things bold , double thickness of the font/lettering…
just a slightly more obvious way to help when turning which trk .
very minor , not as much fun as more / unique functionality.

  • Left / right arrow indicators for those controls are in the next update :+1:
  • I’ll go through all toggles and make sure their On / Off status are more visually different

Edit: UI is sleeker and added a toggle to see 32 steps at once


Update Out:

  • Added toggle on the Pattern Page Side Controls to display 32 steps at once
  • UI Updates
  • Bug fixes


Thanks again for these updates, really like the new ghostnotes algorithm, much more natural!


No problem :open_mouth:

More requests?


one of the best apps ever made.
just wish that navigating between pages was easier and quicker, the little dots a t the top are to small and sometimes i have to press it a few times to change the page ?

i want to be able to toggle between page one and the pattern page quickly.

Amazing job though :slight_smile:


I’ll make the hit areas bigger.

The first time you visit a Page, it is loaded into memory…so it will seem a little slow to appear. If I don’t do this lazy loading, people with older iPad Mini’s can’t open the app before it times out.


that would be magic send pattern button bigger also would be great.

basically i use it to generate random patterns and sounds then sample that in octatrak live , then make new pattern sounds in the background while what i have sampled is looping live could not do that without your app its so good also i do notice that strom (think thats what its called ) is a little quicker at sending the kit pattern info across ( i use thunderbolt adaptor)




I haven’t used Strom in a long time, so I’m not sure on the performance of Pattern sends vs Collider. The data in Collider is transmitted right away (if you go through WIFI you can see the data ticks in OSX’s Audio MIDI Setup), but there is so much pattern info and the RYTM needs to process it, that I haven’t been able to get immediate sends (like Kits)…not sure how to improve it :sweat:


Next week’s update will include a new pattern genre, “Electronic”, which is tailored for more traditional drum machine / dance / 4-to-the-floor style grooves…getting really good results :nerd_face:


Hey all, I’m new to the Analogue Rytm and this forum. Stoked to get started in this awesome community.

Picked up an Mkii a few months ago and just had a really successful first live colaborative performance a week ago. Planning to continue using the Rytm as my primary instrument for the foreseeable future and take it as far as I can. I’ve just started using Collider to help me on this path and really appreciate all of the functionality but it’s running quite slow on my iPad mini 2. I’ve read that others have experienced this also but it seems like my iPad model should be just over the hump of what’s useable and what is not.

One example is when switching between the 7 mode radio buttons at the top it takes about 5 sec the first time and then 1 or 2 sec after that. There are also other buttons that are quite laggy but these seem to be the biggest culprits.

I’ll most likely continue using the features Collider provides as a prep tool but it seems pretty unusable For live decisions with my current hardware.

Is the current recommended solution to find a faster iPad than this trusty little iPad mini 2 or is there a chance we may be getting an update that will make this a little more useable?


I use an iPad mini 2 and it runs fine, not sure if the page switching/sliding issue is processor related or just screen recognition. I mean the odd time it doesn’t move straight away but usually it’s fine. Maybe close any other apps in the background…

Although now that I say that I must point out my iPad mini 2 is on iOS 10.3.3 so cant comment on the newer Apple iOS!

And excuse my rudeness, welcome! Collider and the Rytm are a match made in interdimensional heaven!


Thanks for the welcome and info, no rudeness felt at all… quite the opposite :slight_smile:

Told myself to remember to add my iOS ver and totally forgot

iOS 11.4.1

Collider 5.2

Pretty sure it’s an extended process to downgrade iOS so maybe I should try updating to 12 and see if anything changes.


There are a lot of UI elements and the iPad minis are a little laggy when you try to render so many things. I use a 10.5 inch iPad Pro and it’s super fast and snappy on it. The iPad mini 2 is 5 years old at this point I think. About a year ago I had to abandon supporting the mini because they couldn’t keep up and it was holding other things back : [


I should have started with a Welcome!
I just went autopilot and realised after that you were a fresh face!
Anyways it’s friendly round here so don’t be afraid to ask anything and chip in!