Collider for the iPad

I use the old one (lightning to usb ccs) , I can’t charge at the same time but it lasts a while. , and is cheaper
I also use 30pin to lightning adapter if using my old iPad. They’re probably cheap too

No idea if usb C on new iPads directly into rtym works , I guess it should but I’m sure Apple have come up with yet another adapter that costs far too much .

Hello there,
after two weeks with this app I am completely blown away. It has changed the way I work massively and has speeded up the creative process in ways I couldn’t imagine. So a big up for you Mekohler.
One feature request (don’t know if that’s possible): what would be nice is to be able to save the performance lock values straight into the separate tracks and save the kit that way. This would make it really easy to tweak the performance balls until you find a nice setting and then save that setting and be able to influence it again by other performance knobs. I came to this idea because I have been working on a kit, finetuning it for a while now but I don’t want to mess with the performance settings anymore because I really like how the kit sounds now.
Not sure if it’s feasible. Manually changing all the values is a tedious task.
Also: what do the Ax balls influence?


Thanks man :slight_smile:

Yeah the Physics mode is the one I use the least…my OctaTrack app has a modulation mode where Sliders can move on their own, be locked, snap back to position, etc…I might have to replace the physics balls with an array of those sliders instead. The performance values are indeed saved with the Kit, but if you visit that Physics page, they will be overwritten (defeating the purpose, unfortunately). The A’s control Aftertouch. You can set Aftertouch mods in the first view mode at the bottom, where it says MOD.


Any chance for a windows/linux build? I would love to have this thing, but don’t feel like getting an ipad just so I can use it :frowning:

I did just that. No regrets here!

Minor update coming later this week, but in the meantime if you want to BETA my new iPad app, here is the link:

Edit: deleted this post and moved to a new thread PolyPhase - Generative Sequencer (iOS)


Wow. PolyPhase is really cool! Nice work!

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Update Out:

  • Chaos Pattern Algorithm refinements
  • Minor UI changes

curious, would a collider macos app be a complicated port? i have no programming skills to talk about, i just got the impression that ios and macos apps are very close today

When they unify the UI frameworks it would be an easy port…right now they are completely separate UI components and that is the most work…no idea when they plan to do that!


Update Out:

  • Minor Bug fixes

Update Out:

  • UI Refresh
  • Physics mode was removed, as I think there are better ways to modulate Performance controls
  • The Scene and Performance creator was also slimmed down, as the UI was too confusing for people

Hey @mekohler any chance of being able to use collider alongside Overbridge 2.0?

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I’m not sure how OB works…it all comes down to if accepts MIDI / Sysex when in OB mode, which I think it doesn’t :’(

I’m not gonna install OB until it’s out of beta, but can anyone confirm that OB mode prevents any MIDI from being received?

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good question!

if not i will give the advance to collider. i can not imagine having the rytm without this fantastic app!

not a surprice to me that mekohler is directly on the case for support at al.

i bought all your apps just to support you geezer, keep it up!

edit: very soon i have some time to install OB so i can see about the midi question…


I looked around but know cigar. I just purchased Collider for RyTm mk2 . Is that good ? How does this compare to Overbridge ?


It’s just a tool to help you create interesting Kits / Patterns. It won’t replace OB. Think of it as an idea starter / creator. Once I get something going, I usually stop using the app and move to the actual hardware or DAW.

If you are going to install OB, I would use that for complete Project management and Collider for creative purposes. Also note that enabling OB on the Rytm will disable any direct MIDI (I’m pretty sure).

Like I said before, I won’t install OB until it’s out of Beta, so I can’t do any tests to check. You may still be able to route MIDI to the RYTM with OB enabled if you do it directly through the DAW and send it to the plugin? I’m not sure.

I’m working on an update now to improve the intelligence / musicality of the randomization.


Update Out:

  • Improved musicality of Randomization and Kit Flavors
  • Improved musicality of Pattern Algorithms
  • Added “Rand Mutes” and “Clear Mutes” to the Pattern Page under “Retrig & Tools”
  • Various bug fixes

*Before, I wasn’t using any heuristics or logic when randomizing the Synth page (Engine dependent). I went through each Engine and added constraints to make them more musical for this update.


Update Out:

  • Added ability to view all 64 steps at once in Pattern Mode
  • Added “REV SAMPLES” toggle to the Song Performer Mode. When held down, Sample Start / End will be reversed for All Tracks
  • Added “HIGH FX” toggle to the Song Performer Mode. When held down, Delay & Reverb Sends will be set to 127 for All Tracks
  • Minor UI Changes

*The 64 steps are too small to interact with, but it gives you a general overview of your Pattern

Edit: Another Update Out (It won’t let me post 4 times in a row)

  • Added a slider to control All Performances in the Song Performer View

Edit 2:

  • Added new Kit Flavors “Bend” & “Tonal”

Thanks for a great app, so much fun and inspiration!
And now you can post again :wink:

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