Clock will go out of sync

Hey all, been having an issue here, not sure if its due to the new updates for overbridge, or for the fact that I just got a new computer. But anyways, somethings not right.
Im running overbridge with my Digitakt and Digitone. I used to be able to hit play/record in Logic, and everything else would follow suit. Perfectly in time, with no command issues.

Here’s the order of things: Logic/iMac > usb out > Digitakt > MIDI out > Digitone > MIDI out > OT

I’m finding that even though my tempo is set in Logic, say at 115 bpm, my Digitakt received the right tempo, but as soon as it gets to my Digitone, it only receives bpm at about 106 bpm, and in turn, my OT will also receive a bpm of 106 as well. I can’t seem to track down where exactly the tempo change is occurring between my DT and DN. I haven’t messed with any of the MIDI settings on any of my devices, so I assumed I’d be able to pick up might project right where I left off.

I mentioned that I just got a new computer, but I don’t think that would necessarily mean that it could be the issue. I had saved a template on my last computer with all the right OB/MIDI settings, so when I bounced that template onto my new computer, I assumed I would be able to hit the ground running. But hmm, I wasn’t getting this issue with my last computer at all.

Has anyone else experienced something like this?


So I scratched my previous template.
Im trying to reconfigure it all back to its previous state, but here’s what I’m finding.
I now have all my hardware devices in sync with the tempo that Logic is setting. Great.
But now when I play back, even thought the BPM is matching, its still clearly off beat. And what’s weirder, when I hit the space bar, only my DN and OT stop playback, my DT keeps going!

Haha this is so confusing. I no longer have any idea what’s going on. I thought I had it!

Midi out from your elektron devices? That s midi thru isn’t it?

Weirdest thing,
I reset my computer
Fixed everything.

Sometimes these things just need a fresh start…
Thanks anyways though guys.

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