Clock sync the Bluebox 1010 from Digitakt help


I’ve recently added the Bluebox 1010 to my small setup and I’m trying to set it all up so the Digitakt sends it’s clock to the Bluebox. The Digitakt currently sends its clock to the other gear. Do I have enough Midi ports left?

I’m looking at page 51 as it seems I can send it and also get it to start record if I hit play on the Digiakt?


Shame the Typhon has no thru. You can have the bluebox as master clock though. Bb - DT - DN - Typhon. No idea what to do about the keystep. All the issues should be solved with a midi splitter though.

The Keystep I have been manually setting tbh.

What midi splitter would you recommend?

I have only used one midi splitter: Nektar midiflex. Does the job, also works as a midi interface with the computer. :man_shrugging:

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