Clicks on knobs

Hi all

New owner and loving it, but I’m concerned my knobs don’t feel right (ha ha)

They all have a slightly clicky or ‘Grindy’ feel. I think this might be as it’s my first machine with rotary encoders… however some knobs have a really defined ‘big click’ feel as you turn them. It doesn’t effect the function, but it’s a similar feel to knobs on a mixer, where you turn them past centre and they have a ‘notch’ so you can hit that mid point easily.

Some knobs are also harder to turn than others but again not to the point of being a problem.

Is this normal?


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The data/level knob is meant to be clicky. The others will probably loosen up with a bit of use. I’m sure it’s quite normal. My M:S has a bit of resistance in the knobs, which I like.

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I should probably clarify…

The volume and level knobs are very clicky. They only move as they click.

However I feel ‘clicks’ or ‘notches’ once per rotation on the shape, sweep and swing knobs - as well as others… their rotation is entirely smooth but the click or notch is just felt once per complete turn. The LFO knob does not have this at all.

Hmm. Not normal then. Maybe it will loosen up with time. Do you have some time before you can return the unit to see if it clears up with use?

yes - some describe it as a bit of play - some see it as a bonus, others are irked, but it’s completely normal for those encoders and discussed in a few threads

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Ah ok. Thanks a lot.

I feel as thought if I returned it and swapped, no doubt the replacement would be the same…

I’ve only had it a day, so I assume I have a couple of weeks at least. Other responder thinks it’s probably normal.

I do have a tendency to notice really minute quirks…

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probably - it’s normal, they’re metal shafted encoders - they just have a tiny bit of slack when you change direction (it’s in the encoder, not the cap) - they’re a bit stiffer than other Elektron encoders, so these feel normal with that extra torque required - you’ll forget about it in no time

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It isn’t when changing direction - the caps feel solid. You can feel it over and over if you just keep turning the knob in the same direction.

the main volume does that - it has detentes - the others on mine and most first batch don’t, they’re smooth

maybe they changed production to have stepped encoders on all param knobs (not just the white one and blue data encoder) - that would be cool (like on a Desktop Evolver), but I’ve never heard of that - support can advise if the wrong component was soldered on the other 16

I’ve raised a ticket for their deliberation.

The other knobs don’t feel the same - they fee very different in fact, smooth through their whole travel - but there is just that one click or notch per rotation on SOME knobs that is making me wonder if there’s a problem…

I have a Cycles (also had a Samples for a bit) and I would say this is normal. The knobs do smooth out after a little bit of use. I say give that machine a workout and spin those knobs until your fingers bleed! Kidding aside, give it a week and see if things are still acting strange. After that, you should have heard back from Elektron support as well.

The knobs on my Cycles don’t do that. It’s about a year old, and I don’t remember them ever doing that. However, if I really pay attention to the tiniest changes, I can feel a microscopically small dent, occasionally, on some knobs. After a year, the knobs that have been used the least (LFO speed, reverb size, delay time) are still pretty stiff while all others have loosened up significantly.

Thanks. Yes, perhaps ‘dent’ is a nice way of describing it. Like a notch in its travel as you twist but it’s really a feeling more than anything audible or a change in movement.