Clicking pickup machine


I’ve recently started using pickup machines while jamming with a friend and I’m finding that I’m hitting a really annoying issue. My pickup machine’s produce an exceptionally annoying click noise once I have recorded on to them a couple of times which kind of makes the impossible to use. Can anyone else replicate this problem? Is it a known issue? Can anyone suggest a possible resolution?

Steps I have to try and resolve this issue on my own are:

  1. Create a new project.
  2. Empty Reset.
  3. Removed any complicated audio routing.


It’s a compelling demonstration, but I wonder If you may have assumed what I think I did, namely that the fade in/out is akin to that in an audio editor domain
if you get my point
but the fade out is happening at the beginning i believe
~~~ OUT

So i think depending on the material and how well it is handled internally it may be an unfortunate bi-product of the loop point scheme they’ve adopted

i started a similar thread which didn’t really take off nor resolve my issues with this

i stand by my comment that with years of looping i’ve never found a device be so unusable in this respect - it gives me hope it can be addressed, but it’d take an effort on the users part to demonstrate explain clearly what is wrong - PU machines seem to be of the least used, so there isn’t a good community impetus

hopefully we can keep this or that thread going 'til we get some official insights

Clickup Machines

It seems unlikely. Given that the OT has plenty of tricks to handle exactly this problem (locking to 0 amplitude, fin/fout) suggests to me that someone’s probably done their math wrong and will probably be a simple software fix. This issue isn’t isolated I’ve spoken to a few others that have had the same issue.


I have experinced some stuff like this when i start a pickup machine without having the Octa in “play” mode…


Please elaborate what you mean by play mode.


Play mode = when you have pressed the button labeled “play” so that the sequencer starts playing…

Sorry for unclear formulations…


AHA I see what you mean. I think i’ve tried it, I’ll give it another go though.


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hello and here is what I have experience…

No matter how i have set the setting…

the best thing to minimize the click is turning off all connection internally inside MIXER page… (func+mix) all the to 0 so that there are no input…then you sample blindly…

putting FIN / FOUT is helping a little not eliminating the click…really need some help here…

because it is so unusable with this click…

Please help…or show me what I have been doing wrong?