Clever kids 2 Elektron: Battey related settings

Just noticed something that I thought shows that the boffins @ E think thngs through…

When the M:C is powered via the battery inlet on the side, the settings for LED and LCD brightness are different from AV power, thus helping have a lower power draw when on batt wihout needing to change it every time.

Clever detail

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yep, you can change them though, which is nice.

I had previously thought they were hard settings for a “battery profile”, but no.

The flexibility is real nice. I have a cheap $10, 4 year old battery that lasts 8 hours on mid settings.

Also worth noting is the profile is specific to the side port.
The ports don’t know the difference between PSU and USB battery, it’s all the same. They’re just separate to one another.

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