Cleaning Old Mackie Mixer (1604 VLZ PRO)


I excatly want to do this in a few days…

Any last advice from you or any important things I must pay attention for?



yes, wear rubber gloves!!!!

my skin was not happy with this procedure (dry skin and it hurts afterwards, also got some red dots … :S )

I have cleaned my mackie 1202 vlz pro using DeoxIT Fader Lube (seems to the best for it - somewhere on amazon I found a review which describes the diffrences in other Deoxit products) - also check this out:

DO NOT USE THE GOLD Deoxit for Mixers if you don’t have gold contacts in it!!! (potis could get sticky after some time - google it you will find some threads regarding this)

take your time - it took me appr. 2-3 hours to clean it up (without disassembling)

I have done the procedure twice for each part! (potis and buttons - don’t have faders on my mixer)

here you will see how to do it:

after the process my mixer was like new - no scratching anymore - smooth ways and improvment of quality (subjective)

have fun!


Ok! Rubber gloves…

Some month ago I have ordered this one:

I think this should be the right one… or?


Not sure if it will help but my old Mackie VLZ1204 was sitting in a basement garage for 10 years…
Removed all pots.
Put it in a dishwasher and gave it a cycle.
Like brand new now.


…make sure any cleaning and contact spray is not the cheapest to find…
if that stuff is not really best, all the crackle comes back pretty soon and more worse than ever…


Interesting way :slight_smile:


I’m going to use Deoxid…professional stuff I think :slight_smile:


Deoxid works really well.
Have used the lubricant one to soften a pot on my MODEL1 :slight_smile:
Dishwasher also as long as you do NOT use washing product. Just a single cycle :slight_smile:
Avoid WD40 at all costs.