Cirklon and CV (or...)?

The question seems damn stupid. But i’m ignorant when it comes to modular.

I would like to read the fellow’s opinion about that. Mainly the one that use modular with Cirklon.
The main questions are :

  • the latence
  • the effectivness of Eurorack Breack Out module and what are the inconvenient of it
  • number of gates : are 8 enough and is there possibility to have more with Cirklon.
  • any other incomes about the subject will be appreciate

Sequentix designed the Cirklon to have extremely tight timing.

The Eurorack format break out boxes are reliable and effective. As far as I know, the 14 HP format module must have the cable from the Cirklon attach to the module’s front panel whereas the 1U format module can have the cable from the Cirklon attach to the module’s front or rear.

If you wanted, you could build your own breakout box.

That depends entirely on the size and design of your modular system!

You can also add a separate drum trigger breakout box (or boxes) to the Cirklon that provide 16 more trigger signals each:

You should think about whether the Cirklon’s software features are right for you by reading the manual. You should also think about whether you need all the hardware connectivity (MIDI, USB, and optionally CV & Gate) that the Cirklon provides.

You can request a place on the Cirklon waiting list without any commitment to buy when your Cirklon is ready to order.


Hello PeterHanes,
Thanks for your answer. Kind fellow that does’nt let other lost in the bush.

Surely, i already read that. But i would have had a user return in view to sweep any doubt. I didn’t find any alarming rumors on Cirklon site, but i always try to be sure, i am mountain of doubt.

Yeah, saw that. Seems not to be a problem for me

Yes, i reach that basic question few days ago. I didn’t saw the Drum Mux :open_mouth:
I think that 8 would be enough, even a bit large, since i just want to construct a minimal perc case (already have a Basimilus Iteritas Alter) with very little modules to test my modular compatibility.
Then if it grows, i will consider other solutions.

No, i won’t take time to learn and practice soldering, have to much things to do. Wait and save money will be the way

Already done two times and use Cirklon that does’nt have the CVIO board.
So, the doubt was, should i bought other specific modular sequencers for CV and Trig or boost the Cirklon (CVIO + Break Out around 515e) that i already know, even if i’m still in apprentissage curve for mastering AUXs.
I think the second way is the smartest, but i don’t know the modular world.

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I sold a sequencer, my beloved Squid :pleading_face:,
In view to buy CVIO for my Cirklon :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.
We must sometimes sacrifice something to take another travel.
That’s my second step into modular way :nerd_face:
Youhooo :cowboy_hat_face:

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I think it depends on the size of your modular and what you want to do with it. if you’ve got a small-ish system and don’t look to expand, you’re likely better off with a Kenton midi->CV box. money-wise, at least. you won’t lose much power for a small system. if you have a large system, or want to expand to one, the CVIO/BoB are worth it.

@chiasticon : Thanks for your interest and your advice.
Yes you’re perfectly right. Few weeks i return the problem in my mind.

Initialy, i wanted a little case with few utilities to play my BIA, kind of little rythmic/perc tools. Then i realised that playing fully the BIA is 8 CV, a lot !
Futhermore, i want my modular being at the maximum of CV abilities, the main point of the practice, i think : being able to control anything at any moment.
I want all the modules i will buy being plainly modulable by CV.
So even with a little case, i think i need the 16 cv and 8 gate of Cirklon.
I didn’t already bought the CVIO, cause the Eurorack Breakout module is not available for the moment on Sequentix site.
So you may convince me not to do that and going toward another solution :nerd_face:

Since i have just fallen into the rabbit hole, i will wait to see how it evolve. For the moment, i have bought few modules, not upgrading my Cirklon, then i will see.

I wish me good luck for this travel in this electronic adventure.

Cirklon is a BEAST.

But imho it only makes sense when you want to control a huuuuuge system. Like multitimbral / polyphonic with a lot of modulation points, something like 12U 104HP.

Line Killen is a good reference to understand the variety of soundscapes and use cases for the Cirklon:

However you should never underestimate the waiting.

I am on the waiting list since…2018 I think. Never got any news on my request, no answers to my mails, so I decided to get a Five12 Vector Sequencer, which is a total different beast, but also good for complex sequencing and lots of modulation.

I already have and use my Cirklon with midi. The question was : should i upgrad my Cirklon to CVIO.
Thanks for your help

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Silly question, isn’t it? Yes, of course!

This was not evident for me, and my ignorance about modular plus my permanent doubt autorise the questionment.
I now how powerful is Cirklon for midi, that’s why i have one, but before investing 500e for upgrade, i wanted to know people knowledge about modular, that’s done :grinning:

CVIO and Breakout eurorack could have been latence generator :thinking::nerd_face:

no idea where you come from but maybe this is interesting for you: Gerade bei #eBayKleinanzeigen gefunden. Wie findest du das?

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Thanks for the input.
I will wait for Sequentix Breakout Eurorack module been available again, for me preferable than a rackmount.
I began to buy some Mutable instruments, so the CVIO and breackout eurorack will wait until i really sure that modular is for me.
This thread was about a doubt i had, now its over, i know that if i go full modular i’ll use my Cirklon.
Maybe it will be the bridge with my nowadays midi world.
Thank you all of you that help me made my mind and disrupt my doubts.

Sorry @elenacortes to plug myself I this discussion but… Peter, could you tell us more? I haven’t seen any plans for this, but it shouldn’t be that difficult to build, I guess…

Please, do it

No need to close the thread im sure someone will ask the same question again soon!

Indeed. The Cirklon’s CVIO expansion is a circuit that sits inside the chassis of the cirklon and provides the CV and Gate outputs on a 25-pin connector. All the breakout box does is break out the outputs to 16 CV and 8 Gate jacks.

Maybe check with this guy, he makes his own slimmer version of the breakout I/O

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Little time has past and i learn a few since january.
I upgraded to CVIO. So now, Cirklon rules my case and interconnect it to midi. Few notes about that…

Pro :

  • Cirklon abilities are fully useable for my case.
  • Once past the discovering of Cirklon management of CV (that was initialy a dark and deep forest for me), i feel as easy as with midi.
  • the upgrade permit not buying lot of modules. The investment for CVIO (about 500e :scream:) is fully efficient. Prevent from buying big sequencers (as Metropolix, Erica Synth black sequencer, or Winter Modular, plus their learning curve, cause i was already using Cirklon with midi), and other kind of modules that Cirklon can easily replace.
  • Cirklon is live friendly, bigger UI than module, with large step sequence with dedicated knobs.

Contra :

  • Imho, modular is very pleasant with no screen. Immediacy and simplicity (i mean a plug/knob a function). Cirklon introduce the use of a screen and i find it less pleasant.
  • Cirklon is out of modular case.

These very few contra are easily forbiden when face to Cirklon capability of creating “tracks entrelacs” that no other sequencers can. It is a real modular conception of making tracks living together.
I don’t regret my choice, even if, often, i just play modules without Cirklon i an academic modular style. Choice is luxus.

…if my experience can be usefull to others…

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