Choice of iPad?


Do the iconnect also power the iPad?


I would suggest to people to only get the iConnect : MIDI4+ or mio10 / mio4
(The MIDI4+ is Audio Pass Thru for iPAD so you can make all kind of things FX Bus etc…)

Because if you want to MIX your tracks with sufficient headroom you will not have sufficient Gain with the Audio4+ then to MIX comfortably on monitors or headphones.

So it’s a very nice product, get the MIDI PART and get a PRO Audio Interface from a trusted brand :
UAD Universal Audio
RME Audio

Pay attention to this good brand for the audio card but check the rate of the audio driver updates


As far as the company describes it’s features … yes.


Do the iconnect also power the iPad? (for Both Audio4+ and Midi4+)
Power and Charge :wink: YES


Generally agree with you.

But depending on the use case, it could be very handy to combine the iPad audio, the PC audio and the midi in one device. I have seen a demonstration, I think it was on, where the iPad was used like an “external-VST-like” gear for the computer, melting together PC/iPad/other-external gear in one environment. Since then I am considering to get one of these for an intergated setup. Haven’t done it yet, but … maybe …

Would this integration be feasible with the Midi+ series too, just not having the audio inputs/outputs?


Would this integration be feasible with the Midi+ series too, just not having the audio inputs/outputs?

Yes it’s Audio Pass Thru technology : it’s in and out by USB… you don’t need ins and outs analog to make all USB iOS routing


Thanks, that’s interesting info :smiley:


Midi4+ for every MIDI task + iOS audio pass thru
and get a PRO audio interface. That way and side by side you’ll thank me later

All this brand are serious regarding Drivers updates and firmware upgrade :
(Antelope, Apogee, UAD Universal Audio, RME Audio, Focusrite, Audient, Motu, Presonus, Roland)


As far as I see it’s only the iConnectAudio4+ that has the features of audio+MIDI+usb-midi. Though this sounds very good it requires power cable to operate and is not so tiny thing like the iRig :slight_smile:


@rudolphrapid : is it a reply from what i’ve write or a reply concerning others upper in the comments ?

Because based on my experience i suggest Midi4+ (if iOS audio pass thru requested and then all kind of routing audio from iOS is covered in both direction) or MiO (if no iOS audio pass thru needs)
+ a pro audio interface (why : GAIN because Audio4+ have not sufficient gain to work correctly)


I just overlooked your above reply, sry. Now I got it. Thanks.


No problem Sir (on Midi4+ regarding iOS you pass Midi of course and Audio in both direction)
I just suggested Midi4+ (or MiO) + a PRO audio interface for people with a home studio configuration and if their goal is to mixing properly.

For iOS musician who don’t need to mix a final project.
All serious iOS dedicated audio/midi solution is possible


Hey guys,
I’m kind of stupid in these things and I’m not sure if I understand all the latest suggestions.
I’m also interested in a interface solution.
For connecting to ableton I was using the lightning cable so far, like this.

But I’m not sure about the audio quality,

For connecting to my OT, I was using a cheap USB to midi adapter, and the headphone output of the Ipad. But I’m not sure about the audio quality of the headphone output :slight_smile:

Can somebody tell me a good solution for these two options? I also have an NI Komplete Audio 6 as interface…


AFAIK most headphone outputs have an impedance dedicated for headphones only and are not supposed to be used with line-in ports of other gear. It’s not dangerous to plug those together, but we might suffer quality losses in many cases.

Some headphone outputs work well with the usual in-ear gear (which often has a low impedance), some support pro-studio headphones, which come with quite high impedance. Since this is hardware, it’s not to be changed. If the impedance does not fit in the audio chain, we have to consider losses and that the frequency response might change too.

The line-in/out ports of our gear fits well together and gives us the best quality for PA and recording.

I would recommend to use line-out/in for recording and PA.

As for the NI interface. I have one, which works fine, the driver has been supported since years and I think this will continue. You can plug your NI interface directly via USB to the iPad, but you need an USB-adapter, which gives power to both. The powersupply via the Lightning interface of the iPad is not sufficiant to get the NI interface going. The USB 3-Camera adapter is okay for this and charges the iPad battery too.


Do you mean the quality loss and change in frequency response are being raised over time and become persistent on recording hardware or these issues are valid only for those particular sessions when headphone outputs are bound to line inputs?
And I’m wondering if how safe it is using OP-1 frequently as it has a single output (headphone/line).


No, afaik the quality of the audio signal can be reduced, if an analog out port is connected to an analog in port and both impedances don’t fit propperly. This may change the level of the received signal, or it may be that the low or the high end of the frequency range translates not correct.


Ok, but if I take @William_WiLD’s suggestion, I have no choice but using the headphone output to connect the audio into a different device if I also want to use the midi connection at the same time.


I think he explained also … at least to one of my questions … that the iconnect Midi4+ provides “Audio Pass Through technology” too. My understanding is that we can have the midi and the audio on one USB bus, which can be routed to and used by idfferent USB-Audio connections.

IMO it seems not to be the best choice, to use a midi-only interface on the iPad Lightening interface and a pro-audio-interface like a RME and plug in the headphone-out of the iPad to it’s inputs. I can’t imagine that the received audio quality will match the investment for the pro-audio-interface.

May I ask you, what setup you are planning and what you want to achieve with it?


If I wanted to use the sound of iPad in a DAW on my PC the Midi4+ would be an option, that’s true. However I intend to send the iPad audio to OT. In this case I could only use its headphone output.


that is what I’m asking myself too. The iconnect midi is great for the DAW. But OT?