Choice of iPad?


I think, the pro gives us some headroom now and in the future … music apps and projects can be demanding, sometimes.


There are actually multiple crackling issues:

  1. The sample rate vs. iPad speaker issue
  2. The issue specific to 2017 iPad Pro

To be honest I haven’t investigated either issue deeply but the general gist that I got was both will eventually be fixed by IOS updates

If it weren’t for the Apple Pencil support I’m sure a non-Pro would have been fine for me I rarely work with more than 10 tracks of audio in any multitrack audio recording app and rely on hardware synths and FX to share the load. This is just from knowing how I like to work. I have in the past spent more money on gear and computing devices than I really needed, upon retrospect.

I would say though that if you intend to work with lots of samples and sample libraries, you should prioritize onboard storage over regular vs Pro - that is, if you had to choose between regular w/ more GB of storage over a Pro w/ less GB at the same price.


It doesn’t sound good.
Yeah, I’m considering that pro/non-pro thing. I’ve found a 10.5 Pro 64 GB with only a slightly bigger price tag than a 9.7 non-pro. Do you think 64 GB is not enough? But if the Pro edition has audio issue I wouldn’t go for it :slight_smile:


Why does the pro have an audio issue and the non pro doesn’t?

Do they have different ways or hardware for processing it?


Using the 9.7 Pro (maybe that’s a 2016?) and have so far only noticed occasional crackles when using esx24 sample instruments with Lyra on Auria Pro.


64GB might be enough if you plan to rely primarily on pure synths (no samples) to make sound. Depends on how much your music relies on big sample libraries. Mine doesn’t - I’m not into collecting multi-gigabyte sample libraries and would rather use synths to make music.

Check the Audiobus forum for more reports from iPad Pro users as to who has crackling noise problems and who doesn’t. For every person who says there’s noise, there’s another who says his 2017 Pro is fine. There are a lot more iPad owners there than here.


Right. Thanks.


Oh and FWIW, my old 4th gen iPad is 64GB. I’m still nowhere close to maxing out the storage on that device - that’s because I generally prefer synths over samplers, and when I do work with sampled audio, it’s recordings I’ve made of my own playing or random sounds that I recorded while out and about - no multi-gig libraries of 17th century harpsichords or anything like that.


Just a short question please: for MIDI and audio to iPad this cable is needed, right?




Depends … the USB3 Camera Adapter is a general-purpose solution, which gives us the advantage to connect directly to class compliant interfaces and charge the battery.

There is also some interesting iGear for musicians, which directly connects to the iPad Lightening interface AND allows charging the battery too:

iRig (IK Multimedia):

… and some more. Before you buy the quite expensive adapter, I would check out the iGear first :wink: . There are lots to be found at Sweetwater, Thomann … you name it … :wink:


Ok. Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:


There’s also one that is just the USB port- don’t skimp and get that one. It works for some devices, but others will pop up with an error message saying there’s not enough power to use the device. The power cable option provides the extra juice.


No matter what you get, GET PATTERNING.

It was the only reason I owned an iPad when I owned my iPad Air.

Few apps take advantage of what makes a touch interface different, the way that Patterning does.
Ultimately, I am not a fan of touch screens for music, and that’s just me. But Patterning is so inventive and capable that it could only work on a touch screen, and that’s what makes it so great.


Patterning would be such a great app if sample import and midi setup would not be such a pita.
The sequencer is so great, but some things are very unhandy


I hear you, though I did not find sample import to be any more cumbersome than any other iPad app that allowed for user samples. But, then again, I never minded making sample chains and importing them over C6 with my Rytm Mk1. :slight_smile:


I did this for the ot as well. Maybe i was too stupid, but it seemed that I had to import every single sample instead of just highlighting a list and import. It’s still a great innovative app. but some things annoy me :okej:


I’ve used Patternong sending midi to a Rytm and it’s quite nice. Had it hooked up wirelessly to an iconnect with a router which made it even more fun…
Combining it with Rytm’s internal patterns made for some nice choking and tons of variations possible by muting/unmuting on both interfaces. And then mixing in the samples from the IPad for another layer…
Good times…


Thanks for the great suggestions, guys!

I’m tempted to buy this:
Do I get it well that besides a two channel audio interface it’s good to send midi from iPad to an external gear? If so I think this little device would cover nearly all of my needs except connecting a midi-over-usb device to the ipad :slight_smile:


I think, you are right with the USB connectivity.

Have you checked out this …?

would have USB class compliant Midi too. This is how I interpret the “Host” connector at the rear.