Choice of iPad?


Apps are global across all iPads. It’s the hardware/processor that newer apps may struggle with, not screen size.

So if it’s the latest mini it will last as long as any other iPad with similar chipset


so you are talking about the regular one?


Lol, no, I’m saying the 10.5" iPad Pro is closer in size to the 7.9" iPad Mini.

Closer != the same


Its a fair point. I use a MPKMini with mine, so…


I’m going to flag you just for causing mass hysteria. :wink:


The MacRumors site has a disclaimer that their articles can be speculative in nature.

They do have a reputation though of decent accuracy in their predictions for Apple products.

Honestly, any iPad ou buy today will someday be unable to run apps in the future, whether it’s 3 years from now or 30 years. That’s how technology works. The selection of apps that will run on my iPad 4 is dwindling on a weekly basis. From that perspective, if they do discontinue the iPad Mini, you can benefit from the drop in price and have a 64-bit device that will last until 128-bit OS’s come out.


Mini 2 here. Size is nice in terms of portability but next time I might grab a regular sized one now that it seems like simultaneous multiple apps/Windows are something to consider.

Mini2 isn’t very powerful with music apps. Starts to flake out once 3 or 4 of the more cpu hungry ones are playing simultaneously. I assume the more recent ones can handle things way better…


I’d say get the 9.7-inch 128GB iPad ( or get the 10.5-inch 256GB iPad Pro ( if you like to maybe get the pen as well and if you can afford it.


I’m thinking about using Audulus together with my modular, and I’m interested in sound design apps. Synths, granular stuff, also maybe interesting sequencers. Not too much in those DAW type apps I guess.
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I’d say get the 9.7-inch 128GB iPad ( or get the 10.5-inch 256GB iPad Pro ( if you like to maybe get the pen as well and if you can afford it.

Thanks for the recommendations.


The form factor aspect is a fascinating one, and very subjective IMO. i prefer the 9,7", dunno, maybe the new 10" would be even better? 13" is too big for me (macbook air is surely better?) and mini is too small (iPhones work just as well).

For me, the only situation where I find wishing my 9,7" was smaller is when shooting a video. But it’s still small enough to take with me everywhere, even if my backpack has groceries in it.


I need an iPad and that new 10.5" pro looks perfect. Shame I’m on spending lockdown by the wife since she found out I ordered DT. :meh:


I’m leaning towards 10.5" iPad Pro myself.

I currently have an iPhone 5S and a 4th-gen iPad. I can only run 64-bit apps on the iPhone, but it only has 16GB, which really restricts what I can install on it. I keep running into the “storage is almost full” message. I deleted just about all the sample-hungry apps (Gadget,BM2, etc.) to make room. The iPad has 64GB space but only runs 32-bit apps. I do plan to keep it for running Pure Data, maybe MIDI controller/sequencer apps, etc.

I’ve enjoyed using Notion and want to try it with a pen - that’s the main reason I’m leaning Pro over the regular iPad.


Getting an iPad led to me abandoning the Macbook as a primary music platform. At the time I got my iPad, it had a faster startup time than my Macbook Pro, and no fans to go bad, or weird behavior somehow tied to the battery, and much better battery life. Also a more convenient weight for air travel.

My computer - an iMac now - is primarily a file manager for my hardware devices and i-Devices.


it totally depends what you wanna do an how much money you want to spend. The old Mini 2 is good enough to let some sequencer or a single instrument (with not too much cpu demand) run. If you want to play the Moog 15 or Anymoog who are more demanding, Id recommend an ipad Air at least. If you wanna use a DAW like Auria or Cubasis with Plug-Ins and run multiple instances with audiobus at the same time, go for the newest iPad Pro that comes out next week. Go for the big one with 12,9 Inch, you will need the larger screen to fiddle with small knobs (the Pencil also helps and is only supported by the pro models).


Whatever you do, don’t get a Mini. :slight_smile:


[quote=“Unifono, post:29, topic:40229”]
I’m thinking about using Audulus together with my modular, and I’m interested in sound design apps. [/quote]

The bigger screen the better.


Anytime someone uses programmy terms like “!=” I realize here is where I want to be


The same has happened to me wrt using the computer for leisure activities (watching movies, WWW etc). Nowadays I only turn on my mbp for using Ableton. However, one iPad (and a broken headphone output) later, I am using my iPad less for music stuff… Very frustrated with the filesystem woes of iOS, the news of iOS11 having a new kind of filesystem access sounds very good to me at this point. I have a 128GB model and have under-utilized the storage so far as building a sample collection has always been a major PITA on iOS IME.


I just watched a video talking about ios 11 features. Showed a new file Explorer. Anyone know if this’ll mean finally Apple allowing shared audio files across music apps? Would be pretty big deal for sample libraries etc…


Sample library stuff is admittedly a weakness of the IOS ecosystem, vs. the full OSX environment. That hasn’t stopped IOS users from spending money on extra sample instruments for Notion, iSymphony, etc. but it is what it is.