Choice of iPad?


Which Ipad (specs) would you recommend these days, if I want to use some of this wonderful gadgets metioned above?

iPad Music Apps?

Word around here is, ideally, any model that is 64bit: so iPad Air and Mini 2 and above.

Though word also has it you’ll be fine with iPad 2 (though not recommended).

I have an iPad Mini 4 with some of the apps mentioned. Love it to bits; amazing sketchpad. Though I always reset it before I have it do seriously lifting.


thank you. Is it fun working with a mini or would it be more comfortable having a bigger screen?


I couldn’t tell you, tbh. I mean the assumption is it would be, but I’ve read some people loving the switch from bigger to smaller.

I chose it because it was mini. Fits fine in everything. In addition, while it’s great fun, I’m not super dedicated to making stuff on an iPad.


ok, thanks. I think I prefer something small, portable. I’ll have a look at some articles about Ipads and music production


I have an iPad Air. It works great, but it can be a bit unwieldy if your mobile. I would have been much happier working with a smaller one for riding the train and using it. I’m sure the larger screen helps a bit, but most apps with the finer details you can zoom with.

I’d recommend Mini 2 for minimum starting point


MacRumors’ Buyers Guide says “Caution” regarding iPad Mini at this time:


“According to a report from BGR citing a source with knowledge of Apple’s plans, Apple is going to discontinue the iPad mini due to poor sales. No timeline for the discontinuation of the iPad mini was given, but it’s possible no additional update to the 7.9-inch tablet is coming.”

So there might be an even bigger price drop - bigger than the March 2017 drop - coming for this model, if it does get discontinued

Another part of the roundup speculates the 10.5" iPad Pro might be a replacement for iPad Mini - but at quite a price jump. Might be worth it though if you have the cash and can’t wait for a Mini price drop.


Wow. That is a bummer. I don’t know that I would ever want a bigger tablet in my life.


There’s a new iPad Pro that is 10.5" size - closer to the Mini.


Ok wait. Now I’m totally confused: there is an iPad Pro Mini?


The new iPad Pro is the same size as the Mini I think he’s saying


This is just out of control.






Since I’m new to this, I’m confused as well (or as hell) :smiley:


4 iPad sizes exist now (chronological order):

original 9.7
big af pro 12.9
new pro 10.5

here’s what they’re selling now:


I’m only confused about the comment that the mini will be discontinued. So would it be stupid to buy a mini now?
So future apps won’t work on it I guess?..


I think the mini 4 should be fine for a while as it’s still sold by them…
if you get an older, used device… just make sure it’s one with 64Bit arch. They are getting rid of 32bit things.


Depending on what music apps you plan to use it for, the iPad Mini might be a bit fiddly. I have one and drawing notes or automation and playing on-screen keyboards is a bit harder than on a regular sized model. I’d go for a regular size.

The Pro is a bit faster and supports the pen, but otherwise there aren’t a lot of benefits if you plan to mostly use it for music making.