Check my new machinedrum-heavy techno/club ep feat Self Evident!

Hey Elektronauts - after a long gestation period, my new EP is out on Noctilux!
It’s a 130 techno/club/breakbeats affair, with a killer remix by Self Evident.

All of the tracks came from a Machinedrum + Mbase only live PA I wrote to play a set before Untold and one before Goth Trad. I wanted to run a live set alongside dj sets from heavyweight producers and not seem like it was tiny in comparison :slight_smile:

To make the record I live-tracked the MD & Mbase into Ableton and added some synths & did some arrangement tweaking.


Yup…soooo good…

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Sounds great🙂
I’m friends with Ben too🤓

Ben is an amazing producer & human. I’m so happy he wanted to do this remix for me.