Cheaper protective lids for DT, DN, AH and other Elektrons?

I just think $50 USD is quite steep for a small clear plastic lid. It probably costs $1 to make. Anyway, not here to rant about that but wondering if anyone knows of 3rd party more affordable manufacturers of such lids. I need 3 of them! Thanks!


I have the deck savers and while expensive I find the investment worth it.

I thought these from crema caffe were neat

There’s a dude selling them on eBay for a little less. I can’t vouch for them, but they’re there. Seems to get pretty solid feedback on them.


ÂŁ20 seems reasonable
I’ve often thought decksavers were quite expensive considering how simple these things are to make , though they seem to add retail packaging etc … it all costs in the end.

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I put a pillowcase over my Elektron boxes and a blanket over my keyboard.


I’m in the U.S. so with shipping it won’t be worth it. :frowning:

Im gonna price out 3d printing some. Plastic covers for all audio hardware is way overpriced.


I actually didn’t like my DT Cremacaffè cover. The material is very difficult to clean. Dust seems to be attracted to it, and it’s difficult to dry clean becuase of static electricity.

Seemed like it could cause more problems then it would solve.

I bought a sheet (1.6m x 1.2m) of this hard plastic “Coreflute”.
For several $’s it makes a few Elektron covers.
Cut a piece to size, cut squares out at the corners, fold and tape it.


My defense was the added benefit of being able to safely pack them for gigs. I don’t want those knobs breaking. I figured it was a protection on investment cost :joy:


Same here! They’re called DeckSavers and not DustCovers for a pretty good reason.
Until the market presents worthy competition for a clear cover that is custom fit with the same level of protection, the premium will continue to be paid.


I have a few Decksavers and I can’t remember where I saw it, but is it ok to have the Decksaver on a synth while it’s on?

Or is it only ok to have them on while the synth is switched up? I swear I remember seeing something saying don’t have them on when the machine is turned on.

Looks nice but I’m in the U.S. and with shipping costs it won’t be worth it. Oh well… I’ll look on EBay. Thanks.

In the begining of the :3lektron: manuals they say not to have the PL’s on while the units are powered up…

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Ok that’s where I saw it! Thanks. I wonder if it really matters or if they’re just being extra cautious…

Probably a dumb question, but is it worth investing in some dust protection? I’ve never had an issue with dust affecting any of my gear (to my knowledge! ;)) but you guys have got me wondering

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Like I said before, it’s more about travel, but dust sucks. Period.

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I guess there aren’t any true alternatives with the same quality, aesthetics and form factor. I’ll just have to fork over $150 for 3 PL-2S Decksavers. :frowning:

I use custom dustcovers from
They are great and not so expensive.

Personally I own deck savers for my gear. In my space dust is an issue and has destroyed many a rubberized part over time. Additionally, If you travel with your gear to gig, as I do, they are really invaluable as they protect the encoders from getting damaged, which is likely to be more than a 50 dollar fix.

Every time I buy a new deck saver I have a mental battle if it’s worth it or or not, but ultimately, I’ve paid more for guitar cases and protecting gear tends to be worth it in the long run.