Cheap Model:Cycles carrying case

Any 10" laptop soft case will do…:sweat_smile: I happened to have and old one laying around…


I’ve gone for this one as it’s got a bit of rigidity and I’m always travelling.
I have to say that won’t receive it until Saturday so cannot 100% vouch for it but the dimensions seem to be ok.


That one seems better, and cheap too!!


I shall do a full YouTube unboxing and full feature product review when it lands… :crazy_face:

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…the models are so light and sturdy…in most cases, they hardly need no cases…

Only thing that worries me when transporting the m:c is damaging the display… Maybe better to leave the screen protector on unless you are having problems with the moderately low contrast.

Have you tried adjusting the contrast? I’m happy with the default setting to be honest but nice to have the option I guess.

Tempted with a case for upcoming holiday and these look ideal!

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There is no contrast adjustment, only brightness controls. But I did take off the screen protector on my m:c which helped with the contrast a bit.

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Ah, my bad, I thought it was contrast rather than brightness. My wee study/studio is quite dark generally so contrast less of an issue in my case I guess.

With the screen been so small I think it would very difficult to break it, even from a fall. The encoders are in my opinion more sensitive and only reason I may consider a more rigid case like the one shown in post #2.
Regarding durability I do not like the choice of micro usb connector, this things do not tend to last

Great shout. Orderee

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Product Update:

I received the item this morning and it fits perfectly. Just the M:C and cables. PSU will have to live in my cables/PSU bag, but that ain’t no thang.
The zips feel sturdy although there is a fair bit of play in the carry handle. I reckon this is due to the choice of webbing material used. :crazy_face:
The internal strap secures her in like a baby in a papoose. Although the case is rigid, there is still enough play the squeeze it enough to feel the rotary encoders click down. This will not be an issue as far as I can imagine, unless you decide to slide it into a wafer thin hole in the boot of your lambo and the luggage shifts, thus causing the encoder to be constantly depressed. I’m not sure of what effect, if any, this may have on them long term, but to negate this, I have wrapped the M:C in a folding lens pouch with Velcro corners, adding an extra layer of protection, which also fits in the case, although the photo shows it sans pouch.
There is some nice detailing on the zip so all in all, I’m pretty happy.


As you can see, I’m a bit funny about stickers. Is that a bad thing?

Are you saying there’s something wrong with not stickering your m:c?

I am not going to stickerize my models either… Or if I were, I sure as hell wouldn’t use stickers somebody else chose for me.

I would much rather do a “proper” pimping to the m:c if I wanted to add flair - something like a custom case paintjob with proper silkscreened labels, with custom encoder caps to match the painted case, that sort of thing.

Or better yet, use my Games Workshop 40K bitz box to kit out the case with some badass Adeptus Mechanicus stuff, add gothic frames and skulls, airbrush and weather the whole damn thing :loopy:

So in terms of not going for the stickers, you are not alone, no worries!


Thank you @tsutek. I shall sleep tonight.:wink:

this is off-topic, but people on GS actually intend to hold on to the sticker sheets in order to maximize second hand sale value of these boxes :diddly:

My litt’lun is crazing me from mine, mmm…

I wouldn’t bother with a case at all, put a decksaver on and throw a thick rubber band around the whole thing, that’s what I do with my Digitakt and it’s the superior way to travel. I see people putting them in big pelican cases with tons of foam around them and snap-locks and I think it looks like a nightmare to lug around. Very tactical looking though!


Decksavers scratch up really fast. I think they need to start making Decksaver-savers. ‘Invest in protection for your protective investment’


Mine are all wicked scratched, you just have to embrace it. It’s not like it affects how well they protect the gear, so who cares? My Monologue decksaver looks like I’ve taken it sledding on gravel. I feel you though, I’ve thought about painting them on the inside with my airbrush like I do with transparent Game Boy shells, I think that would look really good and minimize the amount of scratching you can see.