Changing your plans/gear buying impulses: Re CoronaVirus

Even though i’m not particularly anxious about what’s going on i pretty much feel the same way.

I do not need anything extra myself, maybe a looper or Sampler…but I am not in a hurry.
I guess we are going to see lots of good deals in the next few months, shops trying to clear their old stock but I also expect some flooding in the second hand market.

Economy is going to stop for a few months, like somebody pushed the pause button, and it will take time for it to recover; we can expect delays in gear that was about to be announced. And I am talking about everything, TVs, Game systems, cars, anything.

People are getting fired, in some countries government will give some benefits out but in some others these people will be in their own., it is sad but it is going to happen. Those with savings may afford to be in this situation for few weeks , months or maybe years, depending on their wealth level but as happend in 2007 lower working class is going to take a new, hard blow…


I won’t be buying or selling any music gear for a while now, I think the delivery systems need to be made available for essential to life stuff for one thing. Also I’m not sure I will have any money coming in so gotta tighten the spending just to essential things.

Once things start to return to normal I think it is important to reevaluate but for now I’m not even thinking about buying gear.


I have even less time for music with the 100% home office thing in combination with closed kindergartens, but no need to complain really, I still have a job.

I have stopped buying hardware for a while now and will keep it so. I still have so much to figure out on the gear I have!

Just going to get into some new software adventures with video synths (Cathodemer, Lumen, Hydra,…) and going to jump on the Renoise train the coming week, I really can’t open Ableton Live anymore at this point, I need to get away from it for a while.

That’s my Corona music spending update for now.


I was already curbing my gear purchases for a number of reasons (i.e. too much stuff, a move to a new - and more expensive - rental house, and a semi-retirement from my freelance work, which pays for the gear). However, this situation certainly puts a damper on any desire to have anything delivered. I am among those for whom this affliction could be very serious indeed (older, asthmatic, compromised liver and kidneys), and that means I am taking no chances with any outside contact.

So no more gear for now. I intend to spend a lot of time setting up my new place, getting the studio just right and exploring the gear I have. Alone.


So today went out and got myself a pair of monitors and stands while i still could. I had a feeling that stock levels might drop and things might be a wee bit harder to get in Australia in general, but the salesman actually recommended buying from his local competition instead of ordering online from his own chain of stores.

Apparently there’s a bit of a problem getting supplied from interstate and he’s suggesting this could last quite a while even though state borders are still letting freight through.

Didn’t get the HS7s i wanted since the guy in front of me bought the last pair but Im pretty happy with the JBLs

Wouldn’t grab cathodemer if I were you. Never worked correctly for me despite updates.

Didn’t get it. Focussing on VDMX for now and following their nice lectures on Vimeo.

i’m not sure how one follows from the other, but I’ll happily read more of your newsletter :smiley:

After my partner made a fairly sensible point about not introducing unnecessary risk while all this goes on, I’m curbing any spending (was tempted to grab a Lyra to see me through to the other end…), which is probably for the best. While my employment is stable makes sense to get some savings together, and while gear is often liquid goods, I’m not sure synths will hold their value if civilisation collapses…

Same here. Once my child care center closed, me free time has shrunk from very little to almost-none-at-all. I think, once I get a handle on the new schedule, I can find time to squeeze stuff in. As you mentioned, I’m still employed. Heck, now I don’t have to spend an hour in the car every day, save on gasoline, and I get to see my kids a lot more. It ain’t all bad.

I actually have made some purchases & sales since the virus crisis, but those were all plans in the works for about a month. I’m now more interested in selling stuff and focusing on what I have. Though, that’s been my mindset for some time as well. It sometimes seems silly to buy gear at a time like this. Life goes on though. Enjoy every day. That helps me with the stress of the changes going on right now.

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Yea, I would love to keep working from home. But those children need to get back to their friends :smiley:

Wish I hadn’t sold my Digitone, because now I might have time to actually get to grips with FM. But I don’t have as much spare time as I thought I would. Not complaining, I’m employed, for now. But we are having to learn all sorts of new software for teleworking and video conferencing, etc. on top of our normal work.

If I manage to find some time I’ll dive deeper into my Nord Lead 2x and sample the hell out of it for whacky percussion sounds. That might help kill my GAS for a Digitone and Model:Cycles.


I desperately want to live ‘minimally’, that doesn’t mean not having anything, just only the stuff I really need to get the job done.

Problem is I just can’t stop buying shit.

In reality I have a bit more than I need, but it’s not particularly excessive. And in reality, if you don’t enjoy creating in the box, you’re going to need a fair bit of stuff to choose from anyway.

But the dream lives on.


Me also.

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in my experience it’s an endless cycle between “this feels just about right” to “well I wanna try these few new toys…” then back to “screw it, I’m selling everything!” repeat into infinity.


I think it’s even a bad time to sell gear, whos gonna buy it in this climate!

plenty of people if you search by sold listings on Reverb and eBay, and sort by recent.

I pulled out of selling my 2 Digitakts, but I had 2 offers from people on a Guitar based forum.

On a different note I’ve started listening to more trance type techno. Totally my thing back in 93/94 when you could go clubbing and hear it played alongside other styles of techno. But I’ve not listen to or enjoyed that stuff since then really but with what’s going on I’m reminiscing a lot and enjoying things without being a music snob.

Was researching OT/MPC/MC707/Deluge, but will get an OP-Z since it’ll fit in my bag with iPad and ultrabook, in case I lose my job and need to move again.

Desperate times, many people losing their jobs right now.
First things to go are the luxury items, like music gear.

I’m trying to work out if I’d sell my record collection or music gear.