Changing trigger states

So im stoked lets get somethin going ablut how digitakt has a sweet tzfm feature! Love this

It’s nice to see someone so enthused! :slight_smile:

Not sure if I understand though. TZFM = Through Zero Freq. Mod.?
If so, how?
Not doubting you, just curious.

Sure! Unfortunately its not quite at audio rates but it is still what happens in TZFM. The speed control on the LFO acts as an attenuverter and if you modulate that with the midi lfo its a cool little work around to some low grade Tzfm lol

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By acting as an attenuverter i mean it slows the wave downs and then wen it pass beneath zero it speeds up as a phase inverted wave

It may infact be audio rate

I’ve barely heard of this TZFM but you make me want to try it on AR… :smile:

Examples for context? Sounds interesting!

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Not really sure for context tbh legit was just experimenting with some fm on DT and realized it was there. If you link the lfo of an audio channel to the sample tune, u can use midi lfo to control speed over cc.
Set the value of speed to 0 and modulate with positive and negative modulation and the phase of the lfo connected to sample tune will change in relation the the amount of depth and at the speed of the midi lfo.

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Thanks for that… Going to try this tonight on AR, I think it’s lfo’s go as fast as DT, got an OT for the MIDI lfo. I’ll try on OT too but something tells me the lfos don’t go as fast, maybe they do though. Not sure what to expect but I’m super intrigued, love weird audio tricks/experiments. Haven’t really messed too much with super fast lfo’s but they’ve been lurking in the back of my mind as something to explore more… Haha…,

Yeah man super fun unfortunately the midi lfo doesn’t get as fast as it would if it were an audio track which really takes away from the potential but still a fun little way to mess with some unusual FM tricks


I have no idea what I’m doing or if it’s working as intended but I’m getting some really far out crazy sauce sounds happening at the moment…:joy: In good ways. I’m not sure if I’m communicating with aliens… Tweaking other things like the multiplier of the lfo that goes to tune is equally as fun as it is mad… Might start lfoing that too, and other things…

-Do you set the midi lfo at the highest speed and multiplier?
-How much depth do you set for midi lfo?
Or just whatever? I can experiment but also curious as I don’t even know what I’m going for, but I’m having a lot of fun… :rofl:

I’m pretty sure I’m communicating with robot alien mice scratch dj’s riding the solar wind while high on methamphetamines at this point… Not sure if I should proceed… :joy:


Dang! This is getting interesting. I have to wait until I’m off work to try this out. I think I get the concept. If someone wants to drop this into the Digitakt Unofficial Guide feel free, else I’ll do it myself when I get my hands on it and head wrapped around it.

Dcaf pretty much lays it out 5 posts up. I have no idea what type of tones or sounds one would expect, but I just followed that post and went to outer space, then started adding more lfos to other parameters and tweaking other things. I’m sure I could just google for tzfm examples, but I had loads of fun just ending up where I ended up.

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Sorry huys at work crazy show im oping, wen i get home ill read everything

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The sound of tzfm is like a really pitch accurate fm as far as i know, im still learning but this is a dope exchange

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We should start a dropbox and start addijg samples of us trying this


Recently moved into a friends spot and kinda stranded as my car is messed up, soonish I’ll grab my computer and interface out of storage and then I can record/upload… I’ll probably watch some TZFM videos in the meantime, I might have had it going for a bit and then I tweaked further into the outer realms, it was super interesting though… :slight_smile: By the end of the session I had the AR lfo and 5 or 6 OT midi lfos all modulating AR parameters at their highest speed… :grin:

Here’s the bar, if we can reproduce this, then DT has TZ!

I’ll mess with this in a few days, definitely want to explore.

Best regards,


Almost no chance it will be able to re-create the same stuff that a Rubicon can do it is not an Audio rate thru zero. just because it doesn’t at audio rate does not mean that it is not thru zero. Wave is being inverted past 0. That is definition of tzfm

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