Changing patches on external synths

I know this topic has been discussed but didn’t a definite, clear answer on the matter.

  • Digitone Keys sequencing 2 desktop synths through midi channels.
  • Each synth is receiving MIDI data correctly through the sequencer
  • I can assign the right bank/patch when I go to the TRIG menu on the MIDI tracks
  • Patches don’t change on the desktop synths when I change patterns on the digitone keys, even though they are set up in MIDI-TRIG menu.

How can we do this ? Tried P-Locking on trig 1, effectively reducing MIDI track counts to 2 (1 track for notes, 1 for PC) and it doesnt change the patch on ext synth on beat 1 of the new pattern.

Can somebody explain a simple way to do this apart from physically changing the patches on the ext synths (or recalling them on the MIDI TRIG menu.

Program change will only be sent the first time that the same value is encountered until a new value is sent. So try “initializing” by sending a different PC message with a different pattern or hitting the track trig. This is how it works on every Elektron device … I guess to prevent repeated PC messages every pattern cycle … not ideal

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I’ve resolved my issue.
Bought a midi merger. sending PC data from Logic, blending Notes and all the rest from Digitone.

Just curious but how early are you sending PC? A whole bar or just before?

From the Digitone or logic?

Digitone: set up in the Midi track - SYN button, selecting the channel/sub bank/bank/program.

When I do that, it never goes back to the right patch. So if Pattern G1 uses patch 75 on Hydra and 24 on Peak, I go the pattern G2 with different patches and come back to G1, it doesn’t really work.

This is where I manage EVERYTHING and it’s easier for me to figure out.

All songs start with the same messages
Digitone and Analog Rythm are sent to H16 - blank 4 bars pattern
All other synths in the setup : patch for 1st beat of song.
Tempo information is sent to a BOSS RC300 as well, so that live looping is synced with the sequences.

at 4 1 1 1, I send the PC for patterns for DNK and AR, so that everything starts on 5 1 1 1

I mute and unmute some tracks on the DNK through PC in LOGIC.
I manage all knobs turning live, plus PERF and drum tracks muting.
Depending on songs, I also play bass/bass synth, synths or guitars. Sometimes in the same song :slight_smile:

The machines are only one part of our setup so they need to work once I press start.

Band is:
Rem: vocals/guitar/bass
Max: guitar/ live drums and drum machine programming/synth-synth bass/live looping guitar and synth
Me: Synths and sequencing/drum machine programming/bass or synth bass/guitar

One of our favorite songs to play live:
Rem sings, plays rythm and lead guitar.
Max tackles bass synth and looped drums (he selects different recorded parts on his looper) then at bridge goes to acoustic drums
I play melodies on the DNK, add some nice sub octaves on bass synth and when the solo/bridge/ final chorus hit, I’m full on bass synth + chords duties on the DNK.

We’re like octopussessss when we play.

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