Change pattern with midi notes (working)


Hi to everyone, I’m new to the forum and to elektron machine. I’ve just bought a digitakt and I’m quite happy with it.

today I was trying to change pattern from a DAW (Ableton) with program change with no luck. Unintentionally I’ve send some midi notes to midi track 16, that is the track that I’ve selected to receive program changes on the digitakt, and this made the pattern change, with this logic

  • note C-2 bank 1 pattern 1
  • note C#-2 bank 1 pattern 2
  • ecc…

this was totally unexpected, because I was thinking to do it with program change, not with notes. It works quite well BTW, but you have to send the notes in advance prior to the end of the pattern (no big problem)

maybe I’m just late at the party, but I haven’t found anything on that around. Is it a documented feature?


This shouldn’t happen. The lowest octave is mapped to play the track sounds of track 1-8.

From the manual:

Note numbers 0–8 correspond to notes C0 through to G0, the leftmost octave (which is sometimes called C-2–G-2 in certain applications). These notes will trigger the Sound of track 1 through track 8, respectively (provided they are set to their default channels 1-8). These notes values map to each of the eight tracks, regardless of which track is active.

Are you really sure it switches patterns or that there isn’t some transformation ongoing in the DAW?


Yes I’m quite sure that the pattern change is directly caused by the midi notes. Changing the notes will change the pattern.

A note about the configuration: I have a midi track with overbridge and I’m sending midi notes from another track to this track on midi channel 16. So maybe overbridge is in someway involved?


Ah - you are using Overbridge. That’s a completely different area, because the MIDI part of Overbridge doesn’t seem to work as standard MIDI connection to the device.

You can send MIDI notes to the plugin on Channel 16 to request pattern changes on the Elektron device.


Oh thanks! Is this from the overbridge manual?

Seems a nice option, I was hoping to make it working better with track delay compensation to -100 ms to avoid anticipating midi notes but it doesn’t work as I’ve thoughts

Maybe is it also possible to send track mute with overbridge?