Change broken switch/button on Digitakt


Suddenly the “Stop”-Button of my Digitakt does not response anymore. This is very sad 'cause as you all know the “Stop”-Button is also the “Paste”-Button. I have no warranty anymore so i opened the box, cleaned a little bit, but nothing changed. I think the switch/button is broken…do you know sb. who can fix/change the button?

Despite being out of warranty, I would still contact Elektron and see what they can do for you. From my experience, companies like Elektron go the extra mile for their customers particularly when the products aren’t cheap boutique-grade quality.

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Must still be in warranty, no? IIRC Digitakt was released May 2017 and it has 3 year warranty.


I bought it second hand. I got no bill. :frowning:

That doesn‘t matter. If it‘s registered to your account, you’re good.

Puuh, i have not registered myself on the elektron website before… i do that now…

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#TheyDidTheMath :cowboy_hat_face:

Elektron is exceptionally generous with their warranty. Even if you can not locate a purchase receipt they will use the serial number to find the production date and still cover the unit for three years from production.