Chance retrigs -a workaround

I think I posted before that it would be good if you could set retrig as an LFO destination to allow for some randomisation whereby on a given step, sometimes you get a single beat, and sometimes you get a retrig.

Just thought I’d share a workaround I’ve been using (might be blatantly obvious to some, but might help others).

Stick two trigs of the same sample in adjacent steps. Put your retrig on the second one. P-lock a chance value on that step too. Then nudge that step all the way left. It will then play on grid over the step before it. When the chance kicks in, you get a retrig coming from the first step. When it doesn’t, you get a single trig.

There’s times it won’t be suitable, such as when you’re using your adjacent steps for non-chance trigs already, but that’s why it’s a workaround and not a feature :thinking: